In Dubai Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari

Dubai is a top designation across the globe and it does not fail to impress. The city has nearly everything that tourists would want. This includes romantic luxury suites, astonishing landmarks, magnificent malls, thrilling deserts, relaxing beaches, etc. Those who like adventure should not miss out on the Dubai Desert Safari. You can take part in this in the morning or evening. There are many activities that you can enjoy when you are a part of the evening desert safari. The following aims to tell you about the evening desert safari and why you should not miss out on it.

Key Points:

  • The evening desert safari has a range of activities that are adrenaline pumping
  • There are different tour operators that provide evening desert safari tours
  • You can choose the one according to your budget and needs

What is the Evening Desert Safari

The evening desert safari will begin in the afternoon. You can choose a good tour company to take you on this. Some come and pick you up from your location before taking you to the desert. The tour will include a range of activities that are adrenaline-pumping. You can take part in entertainment activities as well. There is star gazing, belly dancing, camel riding, and more. When you are tired, simply lie down beneath the night sky and listen to melodious Arabic music. You will see that this music is unique and helps lift the mood. Consume the scrumptious cuisine presented to you.

What to do in an Evening Desert Safari

Before considering Evening Desert Safari deals, you will probably want to know the range of activities that you can take part in here. Read on to learn more:

Sand skiing

This is a fun part of the safari that is thrilling as well. You will use a ski board which will allow you to ski from the highest dunes. Get an adrenaline rush doing this. It is an experience you do not want to miss out on. Some may be scared to try it out but you should not fear falling as the soft sand will delicately catch you. The activity can be said to be easy and one to try out.

Camel trekking

Camels tend to be majestic desert creatures that have been used for riding for centuries now. On the back of a camel, one can explore the desert and experience its glory. The ride is a bumpy one, which you will like. You can enjoy the sunset whilst riding camels upon the highest dunes when going to your camp, istanbul cappadocia antalya itinerary.

Dune buggy

Riding in a 4×4 dune buggy through the desert is another activity that can be enjoyed. The session may occur from 30 to 40 minutes and can thrill one to the core. Experience whilst the vehicle drifts its way across the dunes. The 4x4s will be driving at different speeds over the dunes. The driver will be an experienced one who knows what he is doing, so you do not have to worry about this.

Enjoy the sunset

Evening Desert Safari sunset

If you love sunsets, you will enjoy the evening desert safari. Here, there will be a spectacular sunset when the sun goes behind the sand dunes. You can get to see the orange light as it goes over the sand. The experience is a dreamy one that you will remember. The sunrise desert safari is breathtaking.

Different entertainment activities

When you take part in the evening desert safari, you can enjoy the entertainment that they provide. This will make your night better whilst in the desert. There will be exotic belly dancing, the tanoura dance, and even a performance by a fire dancer. Get a unique henna tattoo design that will not stay forever as it is temporary.

Enjoy the cuisines

After enjoying many activities, you will want something to eat. Try out authentic Arabic cuisine so that you can get the real taste of the desert. Enjoy the buffet dinner that has been prepared for you. You can eat kebabs, khubz, kefta, and even mansaf. These are some famous Arabic foods that you should try when in Dubai. Smoke on the “Sheesha” pipe whilst taking in the peaceful desert. This is a traditional flavored smoke.

Enchanting stargazing

The nights in the desert are dreamy. You can experience the tranquility of the desert at night. Gaze up at the stars whilst feeling totally relaxed. You can go on an astronomy tour. The private astronomer will tell you about the stars and how people used to rely on them for navigation and to tell stories. The experience is one that will be memorable.

Click pictures

Remember to take your camera with you when you are in the desert. There are many breathtaking views that you will want to take a picture of. The moments you capture, you can cherish forever. You can take a picture of the magnificent sunrise. When you are riding on the back of a camel, you will want a memory of this as well. You can take pictures of the stars in the desert at night.

Evening Desert Safari

Benefits of evening desert safari

The desert safari experience in the evening has benefits:

  • Take part in the authentic Emirati culture as well as tradition in the desert
  • Spend the night in the desert checking out its beauty beneath the stars
  • Savor delicious cuisine in Bedouin-style restaurants
  • Enjoy the enchanting belly dancing, henna tattoos, and more

A desert safari trip is one that you should not miss, be it in the morning or evening. There are many activities that happen here. These will let you enjoy the desert. When in the UAE or the United Arab Emirates, you must experience a desert safari. The evening one is indeed exciting if you love sunsets and sitting beneath the stars. You can have a look at the cost of the different tour operators and choose the one suited to your budget and needs. Before visiting Dubai, to get the right visa, visit

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