What is Meant by a Transit Visa and a Tourist Visa?

transit visa

Millions of people travel to multiple locations each year. Unfortunately, not all airlines can complete a single nonstop journey.  As a result, most countries issue transit visas to help travelers who will only be in the country for a few hours before continuing to their destination. First of all, we are going to talk about transit visas:

What Is a Transit Visa?

A transit visa is a travel document that allows you to travel through another country until you arrive at your final destination.

Transit visas are usually only required for short periods, so it’s important to check with an embassy or consulate before you travel to see if you need one.

For example, if you are not one of the nationalities eligible for a visa on arrival or visa-free entry into the UAE, you will need to obtain a transit visa. If you need a visa to transit in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other emirate in the UAE, you must first apply for a Dubai Transit Visa. However, as with other types of UAE visas, you cannot apply at a UAE embassy or consulate abroad by yourself; you must have a sponsor who can apply on your behalf.

What Is the Transit Zone?

The transit zone is a section of an international airport where you can wait until your flight to your destination is ready to board. If you don’t leave the airport, transit zones allow you to wait in the airport without going through immigration.

Transit Visa Documents Required

Your transit visa application will require the following documents:

  • An application form for an airport transit visa.
  • Passport identity photos
  • Travel medical insurance.
  • A plane ticket to your final destination.
  • Financial proof that you can fund your trip.

How to Get a Transit Visa?

Here’s how to apply for a transit visa:

  • Verify whether you require an airport visa.
  • Gather your documents.
  • Identify a visa application center.
  • Send in your application.

Transit Visa Validity

a Transit Visa

Transit visas are only valid for 24 hours. That is the typical time it takes for you to board your flight to your destination country. If you want to stay in your transitioning country for an extended period, you must apply for a tourist visa, 30 Days Dubai Visa.

How Much Does a Transit Visa Cost?

Depending on the country, a transit visa can cost anywhere from $25 to $100. A transit visa application fee is not required in several countries.

What Is a Tourist Visa?

Tourist visas are official travel documents that are issued to foreign visitors for leisure travel. For example, if you are from India and want to visit the United States, you must obtain a tourist visa. Every country regulates its tourist visa policy, and its respective embassies and consulates will assist you in obtaining a visa for short-term visits.

Documents Required for a Tourist Visa

In general, you must prepare the following documents for a tourist visa application:

  • Application for a tourist visa.
  • A passport with a validity period of six or three months.
  • Passport photos
  • Current travel insurance.
  • Proof of financial means.
  • A confirmed return flight ticket.
  • Proof of visa fee payment.
  • Letter of invitation
  • Civil papers (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Any additional supporting documentation.

How to Apply for a Tourist Visa?

To apply for a tourist visa, you must first complete the following steps:

  • Find an embassy/consulate.
  • Gather the necessary documents.
  • Pay the necessary tourist visa fee.
  • Go to the visa interview.

How Long Is a Tourist Visa?

However, some countries may issue a tourist visa valid for a year with multiple entries; however, you are only permitted to stay for 30 days per entry.

Tourist Visa Cost

Depending on the country you visit, a tourist visa can cost between $25 and $160. The visa application fee may be low, but you must pay additional service and translation fees.

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