Top Travel Mobile App Development Ideas For Travel Industry

Travel Mobile App Development Ideas

People love to travel and that is why tourism is one of the highest-earning industries. And nowadays every travel business is eager to cash in on the travel app trend. They offer amazing features like quick hotel booking, flight booking, travel guides, easy online payments, and much more. After all, in the technology-filled world we live in, more is needed than just a mobile website.

According to many consumer types of research, the trend of mobile transactions in the travel industry continues to rise. So a mobile app is the ‘answer’ to capture the attention of the current mobile generation and keep them in touch.

When a person is considering travel app development, the first dilemma they usually face is what type of app to create. And here is the important thing to keep in mind, create an app that will be useful to your target customer base. After all, if the app isn’t about what people need, they won’t care. However, if the app offers exactly what they want, the results will be great. It will improve consumer loyalty and revenue and allow you to reach new clients with your business.

So in this blog, we have offered various ideas for mobile apps for tourism. You can choose the concept that best suits your business and provide your audience with a useful and functional application.

But before we start with app ideas, let’s look at market studies.

Market research and statistics related to travel mobile applications

A recent research study by eMarketer reports that travel-based mobile apps are the seventh most downloaded apps, and sixty percent of smartphone users prefer to use travel apps to plan their leisure trips.

Here are the stats and numbers

According to a Statista report, travel and tourism reached a value of more than 7.6 trillion US dollars in 2016. Furthermore, in 2017, travel and tourism were valued at $1.6 trillion along with bookings. The tourism industry is experiencing steady growth almost every year around the world. The development of this industry is expected to reach 1.8 billion by 2030. Europe was found to receive the most international tourists, while the Asia-Pacific region received double the number of the second-largest tourist region.

The best mobile app ideas for entering the travel industry

First, we will focus on mobile applications for finding destinations:

Niche Experience Traveling App

It could be a kind of travel app that caters to a specific audience, like a luxury-loving audience, or people who want to create an experience, or it could even be people looking for a Home-Stay, like Airbnb. This app is developed keeping in mind the niche audience and giving them the specifics they desire.

Mobile application for booking hotels

It can be a travel app that allows users to find and book accommodation on a trip. Users of the application will thus have access to accommodation solutions according to the place they are traveling to. This option can work great when the user is traveling unexpectedly or requires an unexpected stop on the way. With the help of the app, even when the user is traveling, he can search for accommodation such as hotel rooms, couch-surfing, homestay, or whatever he wants.

This application can be quite convenient for users as it provides them with wide options and users can choose the property that best suits their needs. Users can search for hotels directly from the app and use filters such as reviews, facilities, and prices to find the place of their choice. This application serves both tourism and users very well.

Development of an application for booking flights

This app allows its users to find flights to where they want to travel. The app can be useful in finding upcoming flights to that location, seat availability, and flight price (so users can compare with other airlines). The application also allows you to track flights on the phone map, by number and airport or route. Users can check conditions such as weather, current delays, check-in, boarding, take-off, and landing times. The application offers the necessary information. Here, the app can be accessed via Android, iPhone, Apple Watch, and the web.

Mobile application for booking bus tickets

Just like booking a flight, there can be apps for booking bus tickets. Many destinations are easily covered by bus. Some people even have a phobia of flying, so for these reasons, there can be a bus ticket booking app that allows users to quickly find available buses to their destination, ticket availability, boarding time, departure time, preferred departure station, and much more. other useful information that the application can offer. Nowadays, people don’t prefer to physically visit bus stations for ticket booking as mobile apps allow easy booking within minutes. Therefore, it can again be a valuable idea for a tourism app.

Audio Tour mobile app

It’s more like having an audio guide in your pocket, where you’ll have a personal guide-like experience wherever you go. The application tells about the most interesting attractions in the city, such as museums, gardens, cafes, restaurants, etc, and works for many cities in the world. There are several such apps in the app market, but it’s all about offering something unique from the rest to put you on top. The app works as an audio guide for planning a tour or visiting a museum.

All that is required is to turn on GPS geolocation and choose from dozens of audio tours available according to the location the user is visiting. Each tour is packed with checkpoints, maps, photo galleries, high-quality audio, video, etc. Users can even be offered the option to download tours in advance, as they can use the maps and content offline. This is not only to avoid roaming charges but also to avoid getting lost while sightseeing.

Local Guide Finder mobile app

Travelers often struggle to find the right travel guide for their trip and usually don’t know where to look. In such situations, Local Guide Finder mobile apps are very useful. These apps are useful for connecting travelers with local tour guides. The app essentially serves as a marketplace for customizable private tours. Local guides are associated with the app to provide personalized tours tailored to the user’s needs.

A child-friendly Place Finder app

When traveling with children, people want to be fully prepared to take care of their children’s blankets. The app can be great because families would like to have easy access to information such as kid-friendly stores, cafes, restaurants, theme parks, entertainment centers, etc. Accordingly, they choose places to visit and even choose kid-friendly restaurants. This helps them spend their time stress-free while traveling.


In this blog, we have discussed the most effective mobile app development ideas. To design a mobile app for your travel agency, you will need to hire a mobile app development company with highly competent mobile app developers who can start from scratch with your unique money-making app ideas. and help you increase your travel agency’s return on investment.

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