5 Distinctive Retail Packaging Ideas That People Love

Retail Packaging

Designing retail packaging is an art that is not done just like that. It takes work and effort to create packaging for retail brands and retail merchandise. Boxes for retail merchandise are different, and their size, design, color, shape, and even structure and pricing all depend on many factors such as the size of the business, market type, target buyers, type of the product, etc.

Such packaging is a very important part of designing a marketing strategy for a brand and completely makes or breaks a brand’s image. So packaging must be designed after a lot of work and consideration.

Here are 5 ideas to kick-start your packaging journey and help you start on the right track:

Crazy Customization of retail boxes

Today, no packaging is done in just any other box. retail packaging takes some work, some planning, some comparison, and awareness of the customer’s taste, age, and occupation, as well as factors like the brand’s budget and image, among many other things.

Customization is the basic start of creating flawless packaging, you start by brainstorming, keeping customers in mind, have a few manufacturers who would do it in your budget, and then you are all good to start the work on your packaging plan. Retail boxes are more customized than the boxboard packaging or the outer packaging carrying retail units (mostly seen in biscuits, dips, and food products).

The idea is to make a checklist of all the things you want according to your requirements because the manufacturer of the packaging is going to charge you for everything anyway, so why not get it made according to your requirements? This is also a good way to start if you are an emerging retail brand. Consumers subconsciously fall for packaging with a lot of branding because branding adds value to your product, so that way you can be one of the top sellers too!

Premium Packaging for Niche Market

A niche market is an area that not a lot of brands cater to because the buyers are a selected group of people with a niche taste and need to buy, and they have a very specific and rigid taste. Not many industries cater to this area, but the top brands do.

Premium packaging for niche buyers is very important because these buyers are buying luxury products and they are spending a hefty amount of money on your product, they deserve to get only the best in every way. From your product to your packaging, everything must be flawless and something not everyone can afford to have.

Custom retail boxes for niche markets are expensive in customization, luxurious in look and feel, and something that is flawless and makes and leaves a statement.

Other than the very specific niche market, other luxury products are pricier than the usual products. If a perfume costs $20 and another cost $120, then the packaging for the two must be visibly different because the latter buyer is paying 100 dollars more than the first buyer and he does not deserve the same cardboard packaging as the $20 perfume.

Seasonal and Festival Packaging

Retail Packaging

Every customer’s favorite packaging is seasonal and festive packaging because it reminds them of the good times that are coming ahead. Holiday special packaging always wins people’s hearts. It is not just the fact that they can relive and celebrate the holiday; it also makes gift buying easy as they prefer holiday-specific packaging for gifting.

Reusable Packaging

Reusable retail packaging boxes are not only very trendy and helpful later after the product has been consumed, but they are also a very good strategy for staying in front of your consumer every time and keeping them reminded of your brand name. Encourage your buyer to reuse the packaging by designing it in such a way.

Sleeve and Embossed on Retail Packaging

Embossed sleeves are very uncommon, and buyers thoroughly enjoy that sort of customization. The sleeve covers the plain packaging, and on top, it is either laser cut on the whole sleeve or the printing is embossed, which gives a very regal finish to the whole packaging box.

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