Acumen EHR 2.0 – Features That Will Improve Your Practice

Acumen EHR

Acumen EHR 2.0 includes a variety of features that will improve your practice. You can take advantage of best practice alerts for ACE-inhibitors, hepatitis B immunization, and other quality goals. The software also helps you to keep track of common orders and problem lists. It also has an Appointment scheduling function and can automate billing.

Patient portal

When you use the Acumen EHR patient portal, the patient can view and send messages to their care team. All messages sent to the patient’s account are secure. The secure message is sent to the patient’s secure email address. Although you cannot request this email address from your patient, you should request it from your provider. The patient portal can store up to six months’ worth of messages.

The Acumen EHR patient portal also provides convenient access to patient charts and records. It allows users to contact their physician, schedule appointments, and check their medical history. The patient portal also allows other healthcare providers to view patient records from the same EHR.

Appointment scheduling function

The appointment scheduling function in Acumen EHR is an important feature for doctors and medical practices. Many practices have a hard time keeping track of appointments, and this feature can help reduce no-shows and maximize revenue. It sends reminders to clients and automatically swaps out no-show appointments with new ones. This feature can also save you time by reducing duplicate work.

The software offers an intuitive dashboard that makes navigation a breeze. This allows users to spend less time trying to figure out how to use the software, and more time focusing on patient care. It also features a patient portal that allows patients to access lab results and refill prescriptions, which can be helpful for ensuring a positive patient experience.

Population management tool

Acumen’s population management tool is designed to help physicians manage their patients and reduce the risk of patient duplication. It allows doctors to create reports, create appointments, and bill insurance more efficiently. The system is easy to use and helps physicians focus on their patients. In addition to reducing the burden of documentation, the population management tool allows doctors to communicate with patients more effectively.

The population management tool is designed to encourage appropriate use of ACE inhibitors in patients with proteinuria and remind providers to refer patients for access evaluations and hepatitis B vaccinations. It also offers a variety of other quality goals, such as ordering appropriate labs based on phosphorus and calcium. The tool also helps providers track common nephrology orders and problem lists.

Automated billing

Automation of billing is a key component in Acumen EHR. It helps you keep track of patients’ billing and payments and makes it easier for you to increase your revenue. The billing feature allows you to determine the right ICD and CPT codes and send automated reminders and payments to your patients. It is also easy to use and integrate with other healthcare software.

Acumen EHR is integrated with Epic EHR, a leading practice management and EHR system. The software enables seamless interoperability, secure messaging between nephrologists and patients, and supports a patient portal. The software is easy to use and has a free 30-day trial.

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Reporting capabilities

Acumen 2.0 adds comprehensive reporting capabilities, a patient registry and a customizable patient education tool. These capabilities enable physicians to track progress in patient care and demonstrate improvements in patient outcomes. Even smaller private practices can leverage Acumen’s reporting capabilities to help them keep pace with changes in the health care landscape.

Best practice alerts encourage appropriate use of ACE-inhibitors for proteinuria, remind providers to refer patients for hepatitis B immunization, and address other quality goals. The software also helps users keep track of common problem lists, document medications, and reconcile problem lists.

Acumen EHR also offers robust billing capabilities. This feature helps reduce denials and make the billing process easier and more efficient. The software also provides reminders for patients and automatically notifies the patient about unpaid bills. As a result, payment reimbursements are faster.

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