Pashmina Mermaid Winter Shawl Beautiful Design

Mermaid Silk Pashmina

On the one hand, the pashmina mermaid mainly designates a shawl that can be made from different textile materials. It is a legendary shawl from India, more precisely from the mountainous regions of the Himalayas and Central Asia. It is characterized by its softness and large size. On the other hand, the term mermaid silk pashmina is also used to refer to the textile fiber obtained from goat hair. Pashmina fiber is taken from the necks of domestic goats living in the Himalayan highlands. Pashmina is thus used in the manufacture of shawls, cashmere, or scarves.

Originating from the Persian word (An indo-European language) “pashm” which means fabric, the word pashmina basically means a shawl that brings warmth. Moreover, the term was part of the common language of the peoples of the Himalayas to designate the fabrics used to protect themselves from the cold. The word pashmina then became more popular around the world. Today, it is no longer only used to denominate a cashmere wool shawl from a specific breed of goat. Nowadays, goats can be of Chinese or Mongolian origin. The Himalayan regions now only produce a small amount of pashmina.

Ideas For Wearing Your Pashmina Mermaid

The Pashmina is considered the most luxurious scarf in the world. Whatever the season, it will always match your outfit perfectly as long as you wear it in style. From winter to summer, day and night, the pashmina can be worn in several ways.

Here are some ideas:

  • Wrap the pashmina around the head
  • Make a headband, headband, or turban
  • Put the Indian pashmina scarf on the hair in a bohemian way
  • Tie the pashmina around the neck
  • Put the pashmina on the shoulders during a ceremony or a wedding
  • Tie the pashmina in the back
  • Turn the pashmina into a belt
  • Wear the pashmina like a tie

The easiest way to wear the pashmina is simply to wrap it around your neck. If you want to wear it for an evening, avoid knots and wear the stole lengthwise, then pass it behind your back and let the ends rest delicately on your arms.

Choosing The Right Pashmina

The most beautiful pashminas come from India, Nepal, China, and Thailand. These countries are currently the main producers of pashmina. For the wool to be of good quality, the goats are raised at high altitudes, under favorable conditions. In this way, they can make a warm and soft fiber, resistant to the climate in all seasons. In the case of the silk pashmina, it is the silkworms that are raised, according to traditional know-how. Regardless of the material of the pashmina, this accessory remains timeless and can be kept for a long time.

Pashmina Mermaid

Selection Criteria When Choosing A Pashmina:

The material: it is chosen according to the season. Wool is the ideal choice to protect yourself from the cold in winter. For a luxurious version, you can opt for cashmere, which is more expensive. If your budget is reduced, choose lamb wool, or viscose, if you are allergic to Acrylic is also a material that does not provide heat.

The size: it is better to choose a large-size pashmina.

Colors: pashmina comes in several shades and shades, ranging from uniform colors to patterns. It’s all about taste and style.

Caring For Your Pashmina

The major advantage of a cashmere pashmina is that it does not get dirty easily because the dirt slides on the fiber. So you can easily get rid of dirt on your pashmina, by dusting a damp washcloth over it. But there are types of stains that require washing. It is then necessary to wet only the dirty part and clean it with Marseille soap. Then rub gently. Be careful with pashminas with single threads because you risk deforming the stole by rubbing. And above all, avoid putting your pashmina in the washing machine, whatever the material. Finally, remember that cashmere requires cold water maintenance.

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