Is Spotify Premium Free?

Spotify Premium

Is Spotify going to be free indefinitely? Yes, it is correct. On the other hand, Premium users can use this fantastic music app without restrictions – for a somewhat high price. Is there a way to acquire Spotify Premium for free? Yes, it is true! We’ve compiled a list of methods to help you access Spotify Premium free without paying a dime. As well as an all-in-one solution to convert Spotify links to MP3 without a premium account.

Part 1: How to Obtain Spotify Premium for Free


Spotify Music Converter by SpotiKeep

Free Spotify Premium Trial Accounts in Multiple Locations

Spotify APK Mod (Premium Unlocked)


Join the Spotify Family Plan of someone you know.


Permanently effective, safe, and simple to manage

Secure and unrestricted

Installation is simple.

Resources are easily accessible.

There is no need to attend the operation in person.


Free for a 30-day trial period

It’s not safe, and it’ll get you banned quickly.

Operation is difficult.

You frequently have your license revoked.

Choosing to be passive and relying on others

Part 2: Four Ways to Get Free Spotify Premium Forever

This section will show you how to download Spotify Premium for free. That is on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. So, being a part of someone’s family plan, enroll in several free trial accounts. as well as download the Spotify mod and install Spotify++. Because of an installer program is an example of these options.

Remember, we’re not just attempting to remove the advertising; we’re also trying to use all the premium features without paying. So, if someone encourages you to download certain apps block Spotify adverts. Please don’t believe them. Thus, you can get a lot more.

Method 1: Create several free Spotify Premium accounts.

Spotify offers three different sorts of free trials. Many people only know about the first. We can combine and benefit from the three trial kinds once we understand them.

So, if you’re an American user who creates a new Spotify account on one of these Samsung smartphones, you’ll be eligible for a six-month premium free trial.

  • Note20 5G/Note20 5G Ultra Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G/Note20 5G Ultra Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G/Not
  • Z Flip Samsung Galaxy
  • SG A51
  • Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

If you’re using the models indicated, take advantage of this limited-time offer before March 6, 2021. Don’t you own a Samsung phone? Thus, take advantage of the PayPal promotion. And use several 1-month free trial accounts after it expires.

The following steps will show you how to handle numerous 1-month free trial accounts.

Step 1: In your web browser, go to the Spotify premium page, scroll down to the “Pick your Premium” section, select “Individual,” and click “GET STARTED.”

Step 2: You’ll be redirected to your browser’s new “Login” page. 

Step 3: Complete all essential fields and click “SIGN UP.”

Step 4: Return to the Spotify premium page you visited in step 1. In the “Individual” section. There, you’ll find the “Try Spotify Premium” button. Click on it.

Step 5: Select a payment option and complete the billing details. Don’t be concerned. Spotify will not charge you anything until your free trial period has ended. Click “START MY SPOTIFY PREMIUM” after you’re finished. And your Spotify Premium subscription will begin instantly.

Step 6: Cancel your free trial subscription the day before it expires.

Step 7. Repeat steps 1–6 with a new email address and credit card. And you’ll have Spotify Premium for free indefinitely.

Now, multiple Accounts Pros and Cons * Advantage: Safe * Disadvantage: Complicated and repeated tasks * Available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Hence, spotiKeep Spotify Music Converter is a good option if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of establishing several free trial accounts. Thus, it’s the best way to save every Spotify song as a playlist.

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Method 2: Download the Spotify Mod APK (Premium Unlocked).

Spotify premium apk mod is a modified and cracked version of the Spotify app that allows users to access premium features. So, you don’t need to pay for a premium subscription to get unlimited access to all paid features! This program is exclusively available for Android smartphones but can be installed on Windows devices using the Bluestacks Android Emulator.

Step 1: If you downloaded a ZIP file, you must first extract it. So, if this occurs, go to the “Settings” button and select “Allow from this source.”

Step 2: After you login into the new Spotify Premium app, you’ll have access to all premium features.

Step 3: Sign in to the new Spotify Premium app, and you’ll have full access to all premium features.

Method 3: Download and install Spotify++ (No Jailbreak, No Revoke)

What is Spotify++, you might be wondering? How might it assist me in obtaining a free Spotify premium subscription? It’s a specially developed Spotify version, similar to Spotify premium apk, that gives users free access to premium features. Thus, the only distinction is that this software is only available for iOS devices. So, if you look up how to install Spotify++ on Google, you’ll find many options. Hence, we’ll show you how to install Spotify++ on iOS in the simplest way possible.

Step 1: Please erase all Spotify-related apps and data from your iOS device before proceeding with the installation. Check “Settings”> “General”> “Profile” to see whether anything relating to Spotify is mentioned.

Step 2: Go to in Safari. On this website, type “Spotify++” into the search box. Click “Get” on the installation page when you’ve found your target.

Step 3: On Safari, tap the “Share” icon, scroll down the pop-up menu, and pick “Add to Home Screen.” Now that Spotify++ has shown on your home screen, you may check it out and open it.

Method 4: Become a member of someone’s Spotify Family Plan.

When it comes to premium plans, Spotify gives subscribers four alternatives. There are just three alternatives if you are not a student. The family plan, which includes six premium accounts, is one of them. So, if you have a friend or family member who has purchased the family package, ask them to include you as one of the six people invited.

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