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Mcleodganj, a village located near Upper Dharamsala, is nestled among impressive ridges. It is known for its prevailing cottages.

It is located in the Kangra area of Himachal Pradesh, India. Because of the large Tibetan community, it is known as Little Lhasa (or “Dhasa”)

Redeem your homestay

Redeem Homestay, a community-based homestay in McLeod Ganj has a restaurant and budgeted cooking. Homestay has WiFi and unrestricted parking.

Redeem Homestay requires a TV with a steady picture and a lavatory with a storm, slippers, and bathrobes. Additional amenities include a dishwasher, a toaster, and a cooker. Fantastic staff, amazing atmosphere, beautiful area, great for families and singles alike. I would love to be able to stay at the same place.

Map-reliant Hostel

Hostel Who needs Map Mcleodganj can be found in McLeod Ganj. It has a balcony. This equity includes a restaurant, 24-hour front desk, and a budgeted cooking area. WiFi is also available for free all across the place. Housing invitations include twilight entertainment as well as a shared inn.

Amazing visit with wonderful hosts. Many special cabins, all with balconies. It is easy to find. Equity allows you to have home-cooked meals. The host is an expert in this field. The host will advise you about all the amazing things you can do around Mcelodganj. We will return.

Moustache Mcleodganj

The hallway of Moustache Mcleodganj is located in McLeod Ganj. This wealth includes a 24-hour jacket desk, an assigned kitchen, and access to WiFi throughout the house. A shared baggage and luggage depot is available for guests.

Every cabin at the hotel is equipped with a toilet and a bidet.

The Hosteller Mcleodganj Maxi

McLeod Ganj’s Hosteller Mcleodganj Max provides accommodation for grown-ups with a restaurant, a pub, and a terrace. This house has a doorkeeper and an excursion desk.

All visitors have access to unlimited WiFi, while rooms with balconies are suitable for guests who require it. Each cottage at the hostel has its own bathroom and linen for sleeping.

The Hosteller Mcleodganj Max serves a vegetarian or a la carte breakfast.

Housing offers a corridor.

Hostel Triangle Folks

Hostel Triangle Folks McLeod Ganj offers adult-only accommodation with a deli, and a patio. You can enjoy twilight and have free WiFi access throughout the day.

All visitor compartments in the tavern have a seating area.

This neighborhood is great for biking, and you can find employment opportunities and employment for automobiles at Hostel Triangle Folks.

Zostel McLeod

Our comfortable rambler Tavern, Zostel Mcleod is located in Dharamkot’s quiet, scenic intersection. It boasts extraordinary peak beliefs and a great deli. Mcleodganj, originally a remarkable person for living in the Dalai Lama’s housing, has lived out a life similar to that of the Indian backpacking society. Dharamkot, affectionately known as Little Lhasa due to the large Tibetan payment here is an outstanding residence deli. It requests the delicious containers from all over the earth and the impressions made by the strong Dhauladhars

White Water Inn McLeodganj

The White-Water Inn provided shelter and refuge for exhausted travelers in the days before it was taken over. We offer relief and comfort from the natural world, and we can provide rest for the world-weary. The White-Water Inn is a unique combination of romance, adventure, and green conscience. It is based on the regeneration of the trunk and senses, making it a sanctuary for all the senses. The White-Water Inn Hotel offers a range of elegant, social, and emotional experiences for discerning and credible tourists. It has discreet staff who are attentive but discrete. These are complete and should not be considered junk.

La Vaca India McLeodganj

The hostel is affordable and suitable for all who want a hostel where they can live comfortably at a fair price.

Himgiri Resort and Spa by Shree Hari Hotels.

Shree Hari Hotels’ Himgiri Resorts & Spa is a luxury resort located at the top of Naddi Mcleodganj, 6,500 feet up in the Himalayas. It offers the most impressive views of the Dhauladhar Ranges.

You can enjoy the vibes for less and still get the soul-soothing effect.

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