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Variable Speed Pool Pump

Whether you’re considering a new swimming variable-speed pool pump or have an old one you need to replace, a variable-speed pump is an excellent choice. This device can handle a wide range of water pressures and features an integrated safety vacuum release system. It can also detect drain blockages and shut them off until the issue is resolved. Other features include an enclosed fan-cooled design, EPA energy star compliance, and an intelligent onboard computer system that allows you to set minimum and maximum speeds.

Pentair IntelliFlo 011018 Variable Speed Pool Pump

For a great swimming pool pump that is also highly energy efficient, look no further than the Pentair IntelliFlo 011016 Variable Speed Pool Pump. This model is certified by Energy Star and complies with all the required limits and specifications for the program. If you are planning to install this new pump yourself, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. There are a number of things you need to know about the pump before you buy it.

The IntelliFlo pump features 8 programmable speeds. It can also be remotely mounted. It has an energy-efficient permanent magnet motor that is nearly silent. This pump is compatible with most digital pool and spa controls, including IntelliTouch and EasyTouch. It measures 28 inches in length and weighs 1.8 pounds. Despite its high price, it offers numerous benefits.

The Pentair IntelliFlo 011028 is a variation of the 011018. This model has been updated several years ago and is compatible with a wide range of types of pools. It works with heated pools, solar blankets, and saltwater systems. It also comes with a three-year warranty and a salt chlorine generator. However, some users found the programming to be somewhat fiddly. Regardless of its benefits, the pump can help keep your swimming pool clean and healthy.

The IntelliFlo pump has many positive attributes that make it a worthy purchase. It runs quietly, despite its variable speed setting, which makes it ideal for residential pools. It is designed with a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooling (TEFC) style, which minimizes noise during operation. Additionally, the pump’s variable speed setting helps you set the perfect speed for your pool’s needs.

The Pentair IntelliFlo pump has been praised for its energy efficiency and quiet operation. It can save up to 70% of energy when compared to a single-speed pump. In addition, it’s also quiet, running at only 45 decibels at lower speeds. Despite its low noise output, this model is highly energy efficient and will pay for itself within a year.

Hayward TriStar VS

If you want to save up to 90% on your swimming pool’s running costs, consider the TriStar VS Pool Pump. Its advanced hydraulics and Super Silent Operation technology help it save money, even when compared to competing variable speed models. These pumps also offer convenient features like CPVC union connections and an extra-large no-rib debris basket. Read on to learn about these benefits and how they can help you save money.

The Hayward TriStar VS Variable Speed Pool Pump is built to replace most high-performance pool pumps currently in use. It can save as much as 90% on energy costs, and you may qualify for local utility rebates. The TriStar VS has an enclosed permanent magnet motor and variable-speed drive, making it ideal for those looking for energy-efficient pool pump options. For added convenience, it features a 24-hour programmable clock and no-rib basket design.

To choose a Hayward variable-speed pump, you can compare the wattage of the motor. Watts are a measurement of power. The voltage of your home’s electrical system and the current in your pump are necessary to determine how much power you need. By comparing the wattage of each pump, you can choose the one that works best for your pool. And if you’re unsure about which one is best for you, don’t hesitate to call your local pool store.

Another difference between the two is in the cost. While variable-speed pumps are more expensive than standard ones, they do save on energy. They also require four pipes coming into and out of the pool. You will also need to have two inches of PVC plumbing. A 1.5-HP variable-speed pump is the best choice for a small residential pool. Most backyard pools will require a 1.5-HP pump.


The XtremepowerUS Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pump has a comparatively low price, which makes it a good choice for pool owners who don’t want to invest in a complex pool control system.            

Zodiac mx6 reviews, it is important to note that installation may require some experience and research as the manual lacks clear wiring diagrams. It also doesn’t come with fittings and requires an NPT connection.

Compared to other pumps, the VS Super Pump offers higher output at lower RPMs, making it ideal for larger pools. The pump also runs quieter and is equipped with a control panel so that you can schedule its run. This variable-speed pump will save you money on electricity because it runs at lower speeds. Its air-vented motor runs quietly. You can even program it to work with peripheral equipment, such as vacuums and filters.

Another advantage of a VSP is that it improves the efficiency of the pool-filtering process. Depending on the flow rate, 50 gallons per minute will filter the entire volume of water in 6 hours and 40 minutes. That’s a 75% energy saving! So, how do VSPs work? Let’s look at what the XtremepowerUS Variable Speed Pool Pump has to offer.

The XtremepowerUS Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pump features four adjustable speeds, making it ideal for both above-ground and in-ground pools. The pump’s LCD screen shows its wattage and speed. It also has eight-speed cycles for optimal performance. It has a number of other features that make it a good option for a variety of pool environments. But it is not perfect, and there are some quirks in the design that make it difficult to use in all situations.

The variable-speed motor in an XtremepowerUS Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pump is also more energy-efficient than its single-speed counterpart. It uses less energy at lower speeds because of the principle of Pump Affinity Laws. According to this, the power consumption of a pump decreases by the cube of the speed. Thus, the power consumption of a half-speed variable-speed pump is equal to a tenth of its higher speed. This has serious energy savings implications.


When it comes to swimming pool pumps, the Jandy Stealth Variable Speed Pump is a top choice. Its Quiet Technology ensures that you won’t hear it operating. This pump is also easy to install and maintain, with a large trap basket to catch debris and maximize its hydraulic flow. And with its dual relays, you can easily control other equipment in your swimming pool, while saving money at the same time.

An important consideration when purchasing a pool pump is the energy efficiency of the unit. The new energy efficiency standards from the DOE will require swimming pool pumps to meet certain standards in order to meet energy efficiency requirements. The pump’s WEF, or Weighted Energy Factor (WEF), measures how much water the pump is moving per watt hour – much like an MPG or RPM for a car. And the Jandy variable-speed pump already meets the new energy efficiency standards.

The two-inch Jandy connection ports were designed to provide optimal flow performance and high flow rates. These pumps are short, at only 24.5″, and feature zero clearance at the motor end. It is only available through authorized Jandy dealers. These pumps are also very quiet, and they have a wide range of speed settings. Depending on the size of your pool, you might need to buy two pumps to match.

When it comes to energy efficiency, the Jandy Pro Series VS FloPro Variable Speed Pool Pump is an ideal choice. Its variable speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor runs at optimized speeds to maximize your savings. The pump can run at speeds ranging from 600 RPM to 3450 RPM. It comes with an integrated controller and compact frame. This pump is AquaLink-ready. It also comes with two auxiliary relays for automatic pump operation.

The PureLine Prime 1.65 HP is the easiest to program. It has three scheduled speeds and an override feature for when you want to change speeds during the swimming season. This pump is suitable for medium-sized and small pools without water features. And with its WEF rating of 11.9, it is ideal for pools with smaller sizes and medium water volumes. And for the smallest pools, the PureLine Prime 1.65 HP model is an excellent choice.

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