Best Essential Factors for Achieving Success

Achieving Success

Awakening to real self-awareness requires understanding our nature and the influence of conditioning on our self-perception of achieving success. Self-awareness is taken for granted since it is so natural. We are with ourselves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know all of our secrets and our innermost thoughts. Who knows us better than we know ourselves? Wrong.

A seven-year study by Navi Core International, Inc., a corporation focusing on human potential and performance, concluded that most people lack self-awareness. Navi Core International discovered that 84 percent of Americans lack self-awareness, as measured by the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile. Why? Because conditioning often starts at birth and continues in ways, we are unaware of. To fulfil our family and community standards as children, most of us wear conditional masks as adults.

We frequently set ourselves up for a lifetime of struggle if we feel the disguise represents our actual selves. They are swimming up the fast river of life, trying to keep up with the world’s expectations, rather than floating down the river by their nature. Life is challenging when we are conditioned away from our nature. Life is pleasant and joyful when we work with nature rather than against it.

If you are not happy with who you are, not where you are in life, but who you are, you lack self-awareness. I can say this with certainty because, in 25 years of dealing with individuals, I have never met someone dissatisfied with their natural self.

5 Essential Factors for Achieving Success

Achieving Success
  • 1#Emotional intelligence and overall effectiveness are factors that contribute to the healthy development of natural qualities. We all have attributes that are valuable to us, but some energize and encourage us while others drain and demotivate us. The features we naturally like are easy to maintain. Our souls are nourished by them, as are our spirits. We quickly acquire talents and abilities around our innate preferences, and we are good at leveraging them. We dislike qualities that require effort. You can’t utilize them for lengthy periods without draining your energy.
  • 2#Passion and emotional intelligence occur when qualities grow to healthy levels and awareness allows us to employ them in the proper sequence. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to manage emotions, efficiently cope with stress, and delay pleasure for long-term gains. Daniel Goleman coined the phrase in his book of the same name. He led multiple research initiatives and accumulated substantial evidence showing EQ is the most important predictor of achieving success in life, job, and relationships.
  • 3# Healthy personal limits. Healthy personal boundaries need self-awareness, much like EQ. Determining healthy limits requires seeing our reality and separating it from the volumes of fiction provided to us about ourselves. We must also be transparent about our own and others’ behaviours and attitudes.
  • 4#The fourth aspect is self-assurance. It makes us believe we can achieve our goals. Fear and risk aversion prevent us from achieving many goals. Confidence comes from knowledge, experience, and good feedback. Like components 2 and 3, we need a good awareness of ourselves before we can be confident. When we are lost, it is difficult to feel secure since our internal compass is operating, but we are not aware of it.
  • 5# Finally, self-esteem tells us we are worth the work it takes to reach our objectives and aspirations. We will only persevere if we feel we are worth the work required to achieve our goals. Follow-through requires self-esteem; the conviction that we are worth the effort. We buy books, go to seminars, get gym memberships, make New Year’s goals, and seek out coaches, but seldom follow through. We won’t keep trying until we feel we are worth it.

It is only after these five elements are in place that specialized knowledge may be acquired to properly navigate one’s chosen route. We could all be anything we wanted to be if we only read a few decent books about how to get rich, keep fit, and have amazing relationships. Despite having access to hundreds of thousands of books, recordings, seminars, etc., most individuals never attain the level of achieving the success they seek. First, is the internal work. If not, we’re wasting our time and money.

Finding a qualified mentor or hiring a coach is usually the most effective strategy to overcome previous systems and habits. Top athletes, actresses, and other performers don’t go without a coach, and neither should you if you want to succeed. Make sure your coach can assist you in building the five Achieving Success elements. You can work extremely hard without them, but not very far. With these, you will make quantum leaps. Your previous work will be immediately available, and future tutoring will result in quick, sustained results.


You now have the five elements. Success is yours if you cultivate it. Find your passion and you’ll know it. Finding your passion and following it will almost automatically lead you to your objectives. As you progress toward your goals, your sense of self will grow stronger and healthier. As your sense of self improves and your triumphs multiply, your confidence and self-esteem grow, and you cease letting others’ perceptions affect you negatively. It’s a lovely circle that starts with you and finishes with happiness and achieving Success.

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