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Features of windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10’s new version was launched in Redmond, Washington, Wednesday 21 January 2015. For the first year, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users will be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10. After the presentation, executives did not comment on the pricing structure.

Many updates were announced at the announcement. Microsoft has framed Windows-as-a-Service so that developers can work across all Windows devices. There are also advancements to improve protection.

Microsoft also confirmed that Cortana as well as the Spartan Internet browser would be available on all Windows devices. Microsoft attempted to fix the Start Screen problem by making changes to the OS version and updating it to improve user experience.

The updates and improvements that Microsoft has made to Windows 10

The Comeback of Start Menu

Microsoft committed a grave error by making the start menu disappear in its previous OS version. Now, the company is trying to attract users by making the Start menu a key feature in the lower left corner of the desktop. To improve user experience, the new Start Menu combines Metro Start screen functionality with Live Tiles of Windows 8-style applications.

Microsoft gives users the final say in whether to disable Live Tile functionality and unpin Metro apps from their Start menu. This will improve the desktop’s performance. To create a Windows 8-like experience, users can expand the Start menu to full screen and resize Metro apps. This is entirely up to the user.

Windows Desktop Metro apps

The previous Microsoft Windows 8.1 spring upgrade allowed users to use mouse-friendly features but not by using Modern apps in the desktop windows. Microsoft’s Windows 10 latest release has the Metro app. This allows users to open Metro apps in a desktop browser, instead of being redirected to full-screen apps. A mouse-friendly toolbar with options is available across the top user of Windows 10, making it a vast improvement on Windows 8. It allows users to adjust their interface to fit the window size they prefer.


Microsoft has added a new enhancement to Windows 10, called Continuum. It is designed to make it easier for tablet and desktop users. The OS performance of touchscreen users is improved by the deployment of the continuum, which will allow users to easily understand the Windows 10 operating modes.

Microsoft states that an operating system with only one interface is not practical in today’s digital world. It includes a handy Continuum feature that dynamically switches between the PC-friendly desktop mode and a Windows 8 user-friendly mode best suited to touchscreen users. This completely depends on the device. The Start menu expands in tablet mode to fit the entire screen. Metro apps have an elegant User Interface that swaps between the two modes for 2-in-1 devices.

Notifications from Action Center

Windows 10’s new feature, Notifications, is a popup that remembers any useful information the user needs. Windows 10 has nearly 7,000 improvements to its software. One new feature is the Notification-like Action Center.

Windows Phone 8.1 introduced the Action Center. It stores all notifications and allows users to review them later. The Action Center can be found in Windows 10 Build 9860. Users can find it by clicking the Mail icon on their Start taskbar. You can modify the settings or choose which apps will receive notifications from the Action Center window. Click on Settings to Change PC Settings Search and App Notifications.


Microsoft cleverly integrated its Bing-powered cloud and voice-activated personal assistant Cortana into Windows 10, making it responsible for controlling search functions within the operating system. Her purpose is to use user information to perform useful tasks but windows 11 has better cortana than windows 10 so you can upgrade from windows 10 to 11.

Cortana allows you to check the weather, make reminders, communicate with others, send emails, locate files, and search the Internet. It can also help you call friends, set alarms, check your calendar, and compare stocks.

First, click on the Taskbar search box to activate Cortana. Next, click in the top-left corner to select Settings. Cortana will now respond to your voice calls when you call it.

Xbox App

Why did Windows 10 introduce the Xbox app? One fan asked Phil Spencer, a Microsoft executive, on Twitter why he should purchase an Xbox One. He said that there are more Xbox games coming to PC, and they also offer cross-platform play. Spencer said, “I understand why you asked and I am devoted to Xbox owners. We will continue to concentrate on the console.

Windows 10 has added Xbox to its list of new features for gamers. Xbox on Windows 10 gamers have additional ways to connect, play games, share achievements, and make new friends across Xbox One or Windows 10. Xbox Live, a feature built into Windows 10, allows you to access the largest gaming community around the globe.

Furnished Settings Menu

Windows 10 has removed the old separated Setting menu for Desktop and Modern/Metro interfaces. The new Settings menu replaces the old, separate Setting menu in Windows 8.1 for Desktop and Modern/Metro interfaces. It is now a robust, windows-like version of the settings charm that includes familiar prompts such as System, Devices Network & Internet Personalization, Accounts Time & Language, Access Ease, Privacy, Update & Recovery, and Time & Language. There is now one Settings menu available, accessible from the Start button.

Advanced File Explorer

Windows 10 introduces a simplified version of File Explorer, with flattened icons. This is a refreshing update to the File Explorer.

Windows 10 file explorer allows you to quickly access files and folders. You can navigate your local file structure, then drag the folder that you use frequently to the Favorites. The user can now navigate to the local file structure and pin it to make it easy to find.

Spartan the Revamped Internet Browser

Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer is ending and revealed Project Spartan, its new browser. The project includes Cortana integrated with contextual searching. Users will be able to use a stylus to view a webpage and type a comment.

Virtual Desktops

Windows 10 finally includes virtual desktops as an integrated feature. This allows for flexibility similar to Linux and Mac operating systems still not observed windows stuck issue. This feature allows you to manage multiple programs simultaneously and organize them. You can find the virtual desktop on your Taskbar.

You can either hit Windows + CTRL+ to change between virtual desktops or use ALT-TAB to navigate through them. Or, you can hit Windows + CTRL+ the left or right arrows to move between them. Right-click on an app to drag it between virtual desks. Virtual desktops can be used to instantly identify where things are.


In conclusion, Windows 10 is a powerful operating system that offers a wide range of features and capabilities for its users. With the latest update, Windows 10 has become even more intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier than ever to navigate and customize your experience. From the streamlined interface to the enhanced security features, there’s a lot to love about Windows 10. Whether you’re a casual user or a power user, Windows 10 has something for everyone. So if you haven’t upgraded yet, now is the time to take advantage of all the amazing features that Windows 10 has to offer.

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