5 Dental Myths To Bust Suggest Top-Rated Invisalign Providers

Dental Myths

Every one of us receives a lot of advice about our teeth and gums all our life. Some of this advice comes from dental Myths professionals whereas the significant rest from common people who are neither qualified dentists nor trained dental professionals. Even though every such advice is meant to do you good, you cannot listen to and follow all of those for obvious reasons. You have to carefully select the ones preferably those coming from dental professionals and discard the rest.

After all, there is no point in going after myths and practising habits or principles that are grossly incorrect. Incorrect dental habits can even prove harmful to your overall oral health in the long run.

And at times recognising the facts from fiction turns out to be a tough job. The job turns out tougher especially when you are on your Invisalign journey. Considering this overall scenario some of the busy dentists who also provide some of the best Invisalign deals in London help you crack the following five dental myths that are very common in the following sections of this post. 

Let us explore what they have to tell us and how we can use their tips to help ourselves better.

Oral Health Myth #1 Sugar is Responsible for Cavities in the Tooth

This is perhaps one of the most widely circulated misconceptions about oral health and almost every one of us has heard the sermon to dump sugar from everyday diet. It seems to unveil a sinister conspiracy against the sweet stuff! It is not exactly sugar that creates cavities in the tooth but it is harmful bacteria that feed on it. You eat a sugary item and sugar sticks to your teeth and gums.

Harmful bacteria thrive in your mouth under the presence of sugar and these microscopic creatures release acid. This acid erodes the protective enamel coating of the tooth. As your natural tooth structure becomes compromised, cavities are formed on your tooth surface.   

There is no need to strike off sugar from your regular diet to keep your teeth healthy, strong and free from cavities. Rather you should brush and floss the mouth regularly to clear away harmful bacteria from the mouth before the protective enamel coating of your teeth gets compromised.

Oral Dental Myths #2 the harder you brush your teeth, the cleaner they are

This myth is dangerous for your oral health and it can bring you more harm than good. You should never brush your teeth hard. Rather it is important to brush the teeth with gentle force of the hand emphasises a dentist who deals with clear braces in London. Now you may ask why; the outermost protective enamel structure gets easily compromised and suffers cracks and dents at places when you brush the teeth hard.

Thus you may develop dental abscess, tooth sensitivity, recession of the gum structure and even tooth loss over time. It is important to brush the teeth in a way so that they are properly cleaned. But that does not mean you must scrub the teeth harder with the toothbrush.

Rather you must make use of the right brushing technique and select the right kind of toothbrush and toothpaste to cater to your unique dental needs. Large varieties of kinds of toothpaste and toothbrushes are readily available in the market; so choosing the right ones could be a little puzzling. It is a good idea to request your dentist to recommend suitable products that right cater to your unique needs.

While undergoing any orthodontic treatment properly brushing and flossing the teeth are a big challenge as is maintaining optimum oral hygiene. But with Invisalign it is altogether a different story assures a dentist who deals with invisible braces in London; the easily removable aligners are meant to wear off from the teeth to perform oral hygiene regimen and once that is done you wear the aligner trays back on the teeth.  

Oral health myth #3 you see a dentist only when you have a problem

This is another common misconception that does more harm than good. Even when you take the best possible care of your teeth and gums at home all around the year, it is important to visit your dentist at routine intervals for normal checkups. However, considering there is no immediate threat to your oral health the dentist may recommend you to come at lengthier intervals say once a year. In your case, a dentist may think an annual routine check-up is sufficient to identify any issue with your teeth and the gums before it snowballs into something serious.

If you have plans for any orthodontic treatment then any undiscovered oral health issue will only add to complications and Invisalign is no exception to that. So your dentist or orthodontist will first help you completely clear the existing issue and only then your journey with clear plastic aligner trays will begin explains a dentist who offers hefty discounts on Invisalign in London all around the year.  

Oral health myth #4 if your teeth are white they are healthy

A large number of people in the world including the UK consider if the teeth are whitened then one can be rest assured the teeth are healthy too. Unfortunately, this is never so in every case when reality is concerned. There are lots of factors for which the teeth may become discoloured or stained. Overindulgence in beverages like coffee, red wine and tea and habitual smoking are two common factors behind stained teeth. Even certain medications may leave the teeth a little yellowish. The natural process of ageing also affects the natural whiteness of the teeth.

It is important to take care of your teeth so that they do not pick up stains and it is also important to remember that every stain on the teeth cannot be removed says a dentist who charges reasonable cost in Invisalign relapse cases.

Oral health myth #5 – one is too old to straighten crooked teeth

This particular misconception has prevented innumerable people from receiving the orthodontic care and treatment they require. But now this is high time to bust the myth and let truth prevail as they say.

With the evolution of innovative teeth straightening technology in the form of Invisalign correcting misalignment of the teeth is now easier than ever for adults and grownups. Millions of individuals within the age group of 25 and above have successfully straightened their teeth with Invisalign Offer London and these numbers are steadily counting every day. This clear aligners system is a great option to correct orthodontic malocclusion for those who prefer discretion over other factors.

Chatfield Dental Braces, Invisalign London is certainly one of the best places in London to undergo Invisalign teeth straightening. The practice possesses a stunning track record in this aspect.

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