5 Cosmetic Dental Treatments You Need To Know About!

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Want to improve your smile? Check out these 5 cosmetic dental treatments you need to know about, including teeth whitening, veneers, and more! One of the first impressions that come to people’s minds about us is our smile. This is why many individuals always search for methods to look their best. In addition to restoring a tooth that is broken, decaying, or lost, cosmetic dentistry may improve your smile. 

Several cosmetic dentistry procedures may help address issues like discolored, irregularly shaped, irregularly placed, or crooked teeth. But ultimately, the procedure that will take care of your cosmetic problems is the cosmetic dentistry procedure that is best for you.

But have you ever thought of the different procedures and how they could give you a picture-perfect smile? Let’s find out in this blog below. 

#1 Teeth Whitening

The most common procedure used in cosmetic dentistry in Kansas City is whitening or bleaching. It is a highly appealing alternative for anyone seeking to enhance the aesthetics of their smile without having any particularly painful surgery because of its accessibility and relative affordability. 

Although several dentist-prescribed take-home whitening products let you do it yourself, the most satisfactory results are often obtained via in-office professional bleaching therapy.

You might be able to brighten the color of your teeth by between two and nine shades, based on the type of teeth whitening procedure you choose. However, the effects are transient and linger over several weeks.

#2 Enamel Bonding

People with severely discolored or cracked teeth can consider dental bonding an excellent option.

Since this substance is easily moldable on your teeth, your dentist in Kansas City will be able to give it the precise, attractive shape you choose.

The disadvantage of this process is that enamel bonding doesn’t last almost as long as dental veneers, which is why many individuals go for veneers instead.

#3 Dental Veneers

Dental veneers have been the standard method for aesthetic dental work for many years. Veneers are fragile ceramic shells that cover the front of the teeth.

For personalized veneers, the imprint is submitted to a dental lab. You must wear the short-term until the final veneers return from the lab.

People with front teeth that are cracked or broken, as well as those who have heavy stains that won’t fade with whitening, might consider veneers.

They can be built from dental resin composites in addition to porcelain. Porcelain veneers survive for 10-15 years, but they need a tiny piece of enamel removed after installation. Composite veneers often don’t require enamel removal but only last 5-7 years.

#4 Dental Implants

In terms of use and aesthetics, modern dental implants provide considerable benefits over conventional tooth replacement methods. For example, they can replace removable nighttime dentures and bridges or be used as the base for dental plates since they feel and look much like your natural teeth.

Following a successful implant, a little titanium post is placed into the missing tooth’s bone socket. As the surrounding bone begins to regrow, the implant is positioned securely in the jaw. Your new teeth are positioned between your old ones and an abutment to ensure their stability once they are fixed to the bone.

Following this, a crown is affixed to the abutment. This material acts as a replacement for genuine teeth. Once the implant is placed, the implants supporting artificial teeth are set to act normally. 

Implants offer a biting force comparable to natural teeth when used with dentures. However, conventional dentures have significantly weaker biting functions, which can cause the old bone to split down and absorb, resulting in bone loss. 

Additionally, implant-retained dentures are more practical since you often don’t have to take them out and put them back in. Finally, implants offer a long-term remedy to tooth loss since they fuse with your jawbone.

#5 Invisible Braces

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Contrary to popular belief, many more people are wearing aligners to achieve the look they’ve long desired. People should consider getting Invisalign braces since no one can know they’re using them.

Braces are not just for looks. Using invisible braces can be a remedy for the teeth misalignments that are the source of pain, including persistent headaches. This operation is worth the cost due to its advantages.

The Bottom Line

More individuals than ever are interested in cosmetic dentistry in Kansas City to enhance or repair the look of their faces. A cosmetic dentist in Kansas City may assist you in achieving your objectives, whether to improve the shine and purity of your face or to transform your appearance with crowns and bonding.

Time To Repair Your Smile! 

When done by the experts, cosmetic dentistry brings you a picture-perfect smile. Connect with our professionals at the Dental Care Center of South Kansas City. Visit or call (816) 941-7788 to make an appointment.

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