What Is Twitter Wall And Its Benefits?

Twitter Wall

When you plan an event, you can be sure that whatever audience is in attendance, they will tweet about it constantly and everywhere. They will exchange photos of themselves, works by outstanding artists, and the knowledge they gather during the festival. You can enhance the event experience by live-streaming those tweets on a screen in the form of a Twitter wall.

Let’s understand more about the Live Twitter Wall and also its benefits!

Explanation: Twitter Wall

A Twitter Wall is a platform that shows real-time tweets using a specific hashtag. These tweets may have been generated by fans or brands in user-generated content.

Twitter walls are a common idea for events, conferences, exhibits, charity events, fundraiser programs, weddings, music concerts, and festivals. They offer increased event engagement, social buzz, and brand reach. In addition, Twitter Wall’s flexible design allows it to be viewed on any size screen.

Benefits Of Twitter Wall

The Twitter wall is a brilliant strategy for any type of event and brings several benefits.

Audience Engagement

People like popularity, and a Twitter wall is one interesting idea for a gathering that can provide them with it. A Twitter wall during an event is a fantastic method to encourage engagement among attendees. If guests utilize your event or contest hashtag, a live Twitter feed displaying their tweets is a potential concept to generate social media buzz about your brand and its event.

Event attendees want their tweets to appear on the main screen so that other attendees and brand event organizers can see them, retweet them, or promise a reward or giveaway in exchange. If you ask us, a Twitter wall is similar to a wall of fame that inspires users to tweet more frequently, post more images and videos, provide feedback, check in at events, and more.

Gain Popularity

By engaging your audience, you have already completed a portion of the task of increasing social awareness for an event. When your visitors engage with one another and tweet about your event while using the hashtag, they are also promoting it to their own followers. For speakers and sponsors, the same is true.

Regardless of whether they are present at the event, each of your speakers, sponsors, and attendees will engage their own followers when they tweet about it from their personal Twitter accounts.

It’s widespread to see branded content, fan-created content, and tweets from speakers, sponsors, and other event enthusiasts in a live Twitter feed at events. This increases the exposure of both your Twitter feed and your event on Twitter.

Additionally, if a well-known person is a guest at your event, it might be worth suggesting that they tweet subtly and elegantly about it. By doing this, you can ensure that your event gets more attention and attracts a larger audience, both physically at the event site and digitally, through social media participation.

Display UGC To Boost Trust & Reliability

Digital displays at venues, shops, events, etc., are prevalent among the promotional and marketing strategies to develop trust & credibility because we all know how significant they are for any brand or business.

You can gather and present all the relevant and worthwhile user-generated content about your business or events using a live Twitter hashtag wall, which will aid in establishing that trust and increase in-person interactions.

Boost Your Twitter Reach

As we just stated, using Twitter user-generated content and incorporating digital media into physical events can help you expand your brand’s reach, exposure, and recognition in the new market.

Therefore, you can access a larger audience on the network by presenting relevant information that has already been published on Instagram on your hashtag wall display.

Additionally, the user-generated content generated by events will increase the visibility of such pertinent information to new networks, demographics, and different audiences, resulting in greater exposure & event/brand recognition. Additionally, it will aid in expanding your Instagram reach and following.

Offer Gamified Experience

Despite popular belief, event experience is a distinct concept highly valued by event managers and marketers since it serves as a foundation for the success of future events.

You may offer gamified experiences like polls, leaderboards, challenges, quizzes, photo competitions, etc. on the Instagram hashtag wall in addition to prizes & recognition.

This would encourage the audience to participate in such gamification efforts and provide them with an exceptional audience experience that delights them and fosters a good attitude about the brand.

Wrapping Up!

The Twitter wall is a brilliant marketing tool that defines the new-age marketing approach. Engaging people in your event is key to success, and the Twitter wall makes this task easier for you. In this blog, we passed on all the essential knowledge about the Twitter wall along with the benefits that it brings along. So, start involving Twitter wall in all your event to reach your objectives with minimum fuss.

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