Top 7 Web Scraper Tools to Extract Online Data

Discover the top web scraper tools for extracting online data easily and efficiently. Streamline your data extraction process and gain valuable insights with these powerful tools. To make it easier to scrape data from websites, web scraping technologies can be made. Despite being a proper and regularly used approach, data extraction can quickly become a complex operation requiring much time and effort.

There are additional tools for data scraping accessible on the market. Solutions like LocationsCloud offer scraping templates and services for companies without in-house data scraping capabilities. On the other hand, some data extraction applications, like Scraping Intelligence, need programming experience to configure advanced Scraping. Therefore, it depends on the items you want to scrape and your desired results.

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is a technique used to extract data from web pages. It is also learned as web harvesting.

The information might be saved in a database or a local file on the computer. It is the process used to acquire data for the web automatically.

Role of Web Scraper

A web scraper tool utilizes bots to extract structured data and data from a website by eradicating the underlying HTML code and data from a database. Data extraction involves several sub-processes, such as preventing IP blocking, accurately parsing the source page, and creating data that may be cleaned. Fortunately, data scraping software and web scrapers make the process quick, easy, and accurate.

  • Internet data is often too big to extract manually. Businesses that use web scraping tools may be able to get more data for less money and faster.
  • Businesses that make money through data scraping also eventually have an advantage over competitors.

How is Web Scraping Done?

Data from a website can be scraped using a program or piece of software. This program’s name is a scraper. This program sends a GET request to the website whose data has to be scraped.

An HTML page is delivered to this application in response to this request for examination. Then it looks up the required data and converts it into the format you specified.

Using a web browser to access www through HTTP or a bot or web crawler are the two methods for scraping the data. Despite its image as immoral or unlawful, web scraping is not permanently damaging. The employment of scrapers is necessary due to the abundance of data. On official government websites, data is regularly made available for public use. It can also be accessed via API.

Web scraping applications

You can use web scraping for research, e-commerce, sales, marketing, and finance. Competitor monitoring is its primary purpose.

List of Best Scraping Tools

1. X-Byte Enterprise Crawling

X-Byte API, Automatic Extraction, and Splash are some of their tools. A cloud-based web platform is called X-Byte Crawling. It’s fantastic that X-Byte Crawling provides a database of IP addresses that spans more than 50 nations as a solution to IP ban issues.


  • You can quickly transfer data to spreadsheets.
  • Simple device


  • A fantastic resource is available for online research.
  • Simple to use

2. Scraping Intelligence

Scraping Intelligence is one of the best content extractors available today. Web Scraper called Scraping Intelligence scrapes entity matching, topic-level sentiment, and more in addition to text. With the Analyze API functionality, you may use it to automatically identify sites and remove items, articles, discussions, videos, or photos.


  • It is simple to integrate.
  • CAPTCHA can also be automated.
  • Scraping JavaScript-based pages is also possible.
  • IP restrictions and CAPTCHA prevent blocking.


  • Adaptable
  • It is dependable and quick.

3. Web Screen Scraping

Web Screen Scraping is a helpful web scraping tool for programmers. You might want to give it a shot if you have some basic coding knowledge. There is no click-and-extract feature. To tell the crawler what to extract, you must instead use JavaScript.


  • Cleaning upmarket and financial data.
  • It will assist you in tracking the supply chain.
  • You can aggregate news and scope with its contribution as well.
  • You can use it to power your application. Pricing, classifications, checklist, and other essential data are all available from it.


  • Numerous output formats are supported.
  • Delivery of emails
  • You will have unrestricted bandwidth.

4. iWeb Scraping 

A cloud-based web scraping solution is called iWeb Scraping. You can run your agents through its web portal and agent builder, and you can view and organize results.

Further, it allows you to publish, or export gathered data to cloud depository services like Dropbox, Amazon S3, or Microsoft Azure. A Windows program called Agent Builder allows you to create your data project. iWeb Scraping’s data centers process data extraction tools using optimized harvesting servers. It, therefore, uses the user’s local resources and does not block IP addresses.


  • Gathering info in real time
  • The raw HTML representation of the results is similar to a real-time proxy.
  • Scraping was made more accessible with headless scraping.


  • A global proxy-powered web scraper.
  • 24/7 live client service.
  • Due to advanced proxy rotation, there are no CAPTCHAs.

5. 3i Data Scraping

3i Data Scraping is a versatile web scraper that is both free and strong for Mac and Windows users. The entire scraping procedure is simple and easy because it mimics the actions of a human. No programming experience is necessary because they offer a particular auto-detection mechanism that targets data for you.

Additionally, 3i Data Scraping includes built-in web scraping templates for beginners, including those for Yelp, Amazon, and many other well-known website designs. It is helpful for new users who need help with how to build a crawler to scrape the desired data. They only have to select a template that can help them obtain the desired data and enter it. The scraper will then scrape the required data.


  • Allows JS rendering
  • Captcha can be automated.
  • May extract data from product pages, paginated categories, and categories with subcategories.
  • Can track pricing across several platforms.


  • Its user interface is simple to use.
  • The fastest scraper is available in the market.
  • Significant websites like have a success percentage close to 99%.

 6. RetailGators

Using RetailGators requires a desktop program. RetailGators supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, unlike other web crawlers.

Additionally, it features a browser extension that enables instant scraping. Scraping is possible for pop-ups, maps, comments, and photos. The lessons’ thorough documentation is unquestionably a huge plus for new users.


  • Data extraction from websites containing product pages, pagination, and categories and subcategories
  • One can extract data using scraping tools from a website created using the JavaScript framework.
  • A variety of site structures are taken into account when extracting data.


  • There is no need to code.
  • Data collected by Cloud Web Scraper is available through API, Webhooks, or Dropbox.

7. ReviewGators

ReviewGators provides an open-source platform for extracting review data. Portable and expandable, the software is easy to use. Windows, Linux, Mac, and BSD are all supported.


  • You can construct your web spiders with the aid of ReviewGators.
  • It is easy to install web browsers on your servers or in the ReviewGators cloud.


  • Windows, Mac, Linux, and BSD are all supported. · You can easily extend the system

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