Tips For Selling Your Used Two-Wheeler At The Best Price


The proprietor has a soft spot in his heart for two-wheelers. Such memories are enduring, including the first time you drove it on the highway, road vacations with pals, and breezy night drives. When you consider selling your used two-wheeler after a few years, it is tough for you since you are trying to recall recollections from every day.

Giving up your used two-wheeler might be difficult emotionally. When the time comes to sell your car, you must, however, approach the situation realistically and make sure that all the necessary paperwork is in order. Continue reading to find out all you need to consider before selling your two-wheeler.

Here are some suggestions to help you sell your used motorcycles for a decent price when the time comes.

Make sure it is serviced:-

Before you start looking to sell your bike, the first thing you need to do is have it serviced. You can find out if there are any potential mechanical issues by having your bike or scooter serviced. A vehicle’s worth rises when it is well-maintained and operating efficiently.

Keeping a service record log is essential:-

If your motorcycle has a service history, it gives customers more trust since it demonstrates that the motorcycle has received timely maintenance, which guarantees optimal engine performance. You will also be able to sell your used motorcycle for a fair price.

Make sure all your documents are ready before you start:-

You should make sure that all of your documentation is prepared in order to get the desired agreement with a private buyer or with an agency. You must have your insurance policy and registration certificate (RC) with you at all times when operating a vehicle. Along with the Road Tax Certificate, Form 28 – Application and Grant of No Objection Certificate, Form 29 – Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle, and Form 30 – Application for intimation and transfer of ownership of a Motor Vehicle, these documents must be transferred in the name of the new owner.

Keep your insurance up-to-date:-

A third-party two-wheeler strategy has to be updated since it is required by law. It is illegal to use an uninsured car on any public road. “If you have chosen a 5-year comprehensive insurance policy, you may bid higher before placing them up for sale because your car will have a high Insured Declared Value (IDV) compared to the market along with giving all-around coverage that can benefit the buyer in the future.

Make sure your Two-Wheeler is clean and polished:-

Your bike’s paint will fade and chip over time. Your bike may appear damaged if it has scratches and dents. The appearance of the bike will be much improved by polishing all of those painted parts. A well-built, attractive bike will always sell for more money than one that is damaged and scraped.

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A proper valuation should be done:-

At any one time, a lot of variables affect a car’s actual worth. Because of wear and tear, a car’s value also decreases over time. “To determine a two-genuine wheeler’s value, take into account its age, manufacture, and model, as well as the distance traveled, physical and mechanical condition, service history, insurance history, ownership, and any necessary documents.

Higher quote than expected:-

Always ask for more than you would think the item is worth. People who wish to purchase old bicycles will frequently try to bargain. If you don’t quote a larger price than anticipated, you won’t have any space for negotiation.

Become proactive:

To legally sell your two-wheeler, you must transmit the required paperwork. Instead of waiting for the buyer to begin the paperwork process, start it yourself. Be proactive by transferring and photocopying the necessary papers.

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