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This New Art Museum Is Located Inside A Swiss Cave


Nestled deep within a cave in the Swiss Alps lies a new art museum that is taking the world by storm. The Muzeum Susch, located in the remote village of Susch, is a unique and innovative space that showcases contemporary art in a setting that is as breathtaking as it is unexpected. The brainchild of Swiss collector Grażyna Kulczyk, the museum is a true testament to the power of nature and the human imagination and has quickly become a must-see destination for art lovers and adventure seekers alike. The brainchild of Polish art collector Grazyna Kulczyk, Art Museum is a gallery “with a disruptive approach.”

A New Art Museum Is Located Inside A Swiss Cave.

To make enough room for the underground galleries, the architects dismantled the 9,000-ton mountain base. To convert those abandoned systems proper into a current museum, Kulczyk recruited architects Chesper Schmidlin and Lukas Wollemi. According to Philip Stevens of Designboom, the pair’s first step was considerable excavation particularly, transferring the nine-thousand-ton mountain base to make enough room for the underground galleries.

Moving directly to the ancient houses, the Wall Street Journal’s Rachlin notes that their exteriors stay largely untouched. Behind the ones whitewashed partitions, however, a wildly reimagined vision comes into existence, with current factors of the herbal putting included in more current compositions. The architects, in the terms of the Guardian’s Wainwright, have “struck a pinnacle-notch balance among protection and intervention, raising the mark of

A Prized Picasso Will Embellish The Walls Of One Fortunate Swiss Art Fan’s Domestic

Ever confused about what a present-day artwork piece would possibly look like on the walls of your residing room? Thanks to an unusual initiative led via the manner of Basel’s Fondation Beyeler and telecommunications agency Swisscom, you may speedily find out—provided, you live in Switzerland and provide you with an offer that is superb to win the hearts of most people and a panel. Sufficient for. Judges.

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As Carolyn Goldstein reports for Artnet News, the #myprivatepicasso contest will allow one fortunate artwork fanatic to host Pablo Picasso’s “Bust of Woman with Hat (Dora)” for a 24-hour period starting April 16th. The 1939 portrait depicts Dora Maar a group of Cubist artists and a hit Surrealist photographer in her personal proper and is well worth some “several million” francs.

To observe the singular opportunity, applicants need to post a web announcement detailing how they may spend their Picasso-stuffed day, from staging the portrayal to making plans for an event around its quick appearance. Until. Participants also are requested to offer a picture or video that helps their argument and specify the individual of their lodging, whether or not or now not it is a scholar hostel, shared flat, single circle of relatives home or even That’s a chalet too. All programs are to be made no later than 1st April.

According To The Undertaking Portal,

Worried activities can view and vote on submissions on April 2 and 7. The 20 programs that get the maximum votes can be shortlisted and evaluated by a panel of Baylor and Swisscom personnel; the very last winner might be added on April 10.

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In an interview with BZ Basel’s Marc Krebs, Baylor director Sam Keller warned any Picasso owner that the portrait has to now not be hung in the kitchen or toilet, as warmth and steam are possible to damage the canvas. Further guidance can be found in a Q&A with the judges: Ulrik Erbsloh, the commercial director of Beller, advises participants to “enjoy and discover Picasso and famous paintings in a playful way,” while Keller states that he’s interested in people who “have an excellent story” to tell. Perhaps predictably, Swisscom’s Balz Walther also stresses that “the high protection requirements for the person and the environment need to be absolutely met.”

It is well worth noting that the winner will not be able to actually borrow the piece and return it after 24 hours. As Rowena Goebel writes for Swiss fact outlets Now, they stumble upon can be filmed, and a Baylor professional may be assigned to maintain the photo nicely. The latest “clever body” powered by the Swisscom era will measure the artwork’s area, temperature, and surroundings, making sure it is safe at all times.

The frame in question has 8 in-built sensors that meet diverse safety necessities: accelerometer facts vibrations that get up for the duration of shipping, as an example, at the same time as a laser sounds an alarm if someone receives too close to a portray. In a further needless and novel turn of activities, a digital camera might transmit snapshots of the winner’s domestic “from the element of view of the picture”.

Artnet News’ Goldstein notes that the purpose of the contest is to publicize Baylor’s ongoing Picasso exhibition. The display is titled The Young Picasso: Blue and Rose Periods, and it goes back again to the early years of the principal artist, in particular from 1901 to 1906. Although “Bust of a Woman with a Hat (Dora)” does not stem from this point in Picasso’s career,

“We need to make art on hand for a wider audience and produce folks that do not regularly visit art museums in the direction of this international,” Keller said in a statement. For art museums with excessive protection requirements. Nevertheless, Keller concluded, thanks to the foundation’s collaboration with Swisscom, “we are able to properly carry artwork to any Swiss ho.

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