Texting Games To Play With Your Friends

Texting Games To Play With Your Friends

Playing texting games with friends or your partner is a fun way to connect. These games range from entertaining and enjoyable for friends to sultry and steamy for couples looking to heat up their relationships.

Some of these games, which are excellent for that group chat ice breaker, are undoubtedly familiar to you if you’ve ever participated in a group chat. All you need to play is a phone and your brain. That is simple, and the memories you can make are priceless!

As a result, grab your seat for this list of texting games to play with your friends.

Texting Games To Play With Your Friends

Name Game

The team selects a topic before beginning the texting games. Anything is possible, including animals, famous people, books, etc. The first person to speak will use a word that fits the selected category. The second participant must state a word from the same category that begins with the word of the first participant’s last letter. It goes on until no one can think of a suitable word.

Guess The Riddle

For those who enjoy brain teasers, there are these texting games. The guidelines state that a riddle must be asked and given a set number of guesses to be solved.

Word Unscramble

This game and scrabble are extremely similar. As a result, after one player sends a word, the remaining player(s) must create new words using the letters from the original word. The winner is the one who has the most words.

Questions Only

This is a fun way to pass time during a long drive or on a dull afternoon. Only Questions is the name of the texting games, and guess what? Only questions are allowed when playing. All questions must be directed at another participant. You must respond to a question by asking one of your own. You cannot ask the same question twice, and if someone takes too long to answer, they are eliminated.

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Finish My Sentence

A sentence is started by one player, who then has to finish it. These phrases can be varied. You can make it whatever you want it to be dirty, funny, smart, etc. Use a quote from Frozen as inspiration: “We finish each other…Sandwiches?”

Lightning Fast

This game is an excellent way to truly delve into someone’s mind. The next player must reply with the first thing they think of after reading the word sent by the first player.

The Laughing Game

The players’ responses are how this game gets its name. You must select from a list of predetermined answers for each question in this texting games. These responses could be anything, including a cat, a pair of shoes, George Washington, or scuba instruction. You will respond with one from the list to questions that other players will pose to you.

Fantasy Team

This game is for creative people. Have you ever considered who you would want on your team if the world were to end? With you in a rock group? in a surgical suite? looking for treasure? You have a choice in this game. Once your group has decided on the concept for the team you are creating, you will take turns listing each team member until the required number has been reached. The team with the most strength wins. No reruns!

Tell the Truth

Similar to truth or dare, but without the daring element. You need to decide on a penalty before you start. This could be anything from sharing a humiliating photo to entering a celebrity’s direct message. A player will be asked a personal question, and if they refuse to respond, they will be required to take the punishment.


The objective of this texting game is to add letters to a word without finishing it. Rules can be established for things like where words come from and word length requirements. Once the word is complete, each player adds a letter. A letter from GHOST is sent to the person who finishes the word. Therefore, “G,” “H,” etc. were used the first time. The losing player is the one who receives the word “GHOST” in full first. This is a fun game to play with your friends.


These are the top cool games to play over text. If you liked our article on the topic, please share it with your friends and let us know which texting games you liked best by leaving a comment below.

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