Taking Care of Your Invisalign in the Best Way Possible

Taking care of your Invisalign in the best way possible

Gone are those days when people feel uncomfortable wearing metal braces. They have to undergo many harsh comments from their family and relatives. It’s very hard to deal with negative feedback from people when your only fault was that you laughed and they somehow saw your metal braces. When Invisalign first appeared in the field of dentistry, the dentist didn’t have any idea then that it would flourish so high that with the preceding days, it will be the best choice for any type of cosmetic dentistry.

Now you don’t have to hide your face with your mouth just because you have braces on. Once it landed in the market, many people want to correct their smile only with Invisalign. It’s much easier to process and most importantly it gives patients an invisible treatment. Hence, no one would know you have a fabulous smile under those braces.

If you want a total benefit from Invisalign treatment, you have to strictly maintain the treatment guidelines. Getting treatment is not enough. You have a list of to-dos and don’t along with aftercare procedures. As it seems easy, you have to be away from anything that might have the chance of failing the process. If you follow your doctor’s advice then the process will be very quick and effective. The biggest advantage of invisalign London is that people hardly notice any change in you. A lot of people won’t even notice if you are undergoing any orthodontic treatment. That’s why the popularity has dragged on with so many patients now only wanting to stick up with the invisible braces.

The treatment varies from person to person

The treatment plan for Invisalign varies from patient to patient. No one carries the same aligner treatment as you do. It starts with the 3D impression that your orthodontist takes. These aligners can be removed by you at any time. So basically, you can do anything with those invisible braces- go eat outside, talk to your friend without any hesitation, can laugh harder showing your teeth. Your dentist will only approve of removal while you brush or eat anything that has got super pigmentation.  

The Invisalign aligners are clear plastic which is custom-made for every individual based on the shape and position of his teeth. It puts pressure to allow the teeth to move into a more desirable position. So, the patient wears this on their teeth for one week and within that one week, it will move all of the teeth that are designed to move about ¼ of one millimeter.

You can see your future perfect teeth

The orthodontist uses a digital machine to map out your teeth and how they would look after the treatment. You can see from the monitor itself, how would you look once the treatment is over. This gives you the added benefit of starting the treatment plan. Oftentimes, you may face some difficulties in moving a particular tooth, it will then need further stages to achieve the best result.

Invisalign does more than straighten teeth

Invisalign is not only about straightening teeth, you should know that it is much more about creating a perfect smile. The Invisalign system is specifically made to correct other imperfections such as misaligned bites, crossbites, or overbites. Your lifestyle makes a huge impact during the Invisalign treatment. The aligners must be worn for no less than 22 hours.

There are no such hard rules but surely you need some basic lifestyle routine that will help you in carrying out good oral hygiene and the longevity of Invisalign. There are some cases where only a fixed brace will provide the best result. The best part about Invisalign is, you can see how your teeth will be after the treatment. Thanks to the latest digital technology.

People with dental defects are concerned over the question “Can I spend my casual days just like I used to?”

Aligners are very clear and comfortable on your teeth. You won’t have any severe issues with them. Either expressing your love via kissing or eating or just talking, everything will become just normal. In order to make a positive effect on your teeth, make sure you clean your aligners every day with the guidelines as prescribed by your dentist.

Here are some basic follow-up rules that will ensure you have a better experience with Invisalign:

Listen to your dentist

The treatment procedure for everyone varies. You may have a similar problem as that of someone else but the treatment you should be going through won’t be similar to the other person. The Invisalign process is custom made, hence not all treatments could be the same. The overall rule of wearing Invisalign might remain the same. Every patient is supposed to wear them at least 22 hours a day. In order to get the maximum benefit, wear your aligners as per the recommendation of your dentist.

One of the best parts about Invisalign treatment is that you can get this process done under your budget. You can have cheap Invisalign treatment based on your financial status and other medical requirements.

Follow up on good hygiene

Getting treatment is not all you need. Aftercare routine is equally important. Clean your aligners every day in order to avoid any debris which might result in some more problems. Your dentist might recommend some cleaning solution that is perfect to clean while having Invisalign. These solutions will clean the braces better without leaving the residues.

Invisible Teeth Aligners Know Everything About Clear Aligners

Better care with an expert dentist

The Invisalign treatment lasts for 12-18 months and during these times you need to visit your dentist every 6 months. This is necessary to make the process beneficial. Hence, you need to trust a dentist that will work with you throughout the plan and will assist you in the best possible way.

You have fewer appointments

Once you will be put on your Invisalign treatment, you no longer have to visit your dentist quite frequently. With traditional braces, you have to visit your dentist every couple of weeks so that they can tighten them up for a better grip. While you still need to visit the Dental Clinic to have your progress monitored, you can enjoy fewer appointments since you only need to switch out your trays to continue on with your plan.

To have a much more exquisite understanding of what you need to do and what not. Here’s a quick list!


  • Rinse your invisible trays when you remove them
  • Keep your aligners clean by using cleaning agents that you can get from the clinic itself
  • Keeping your teeth free from any type of plaque is very important as once you put on the aligners, you have to maintain a long time to wear them


  • Always remove your aligners while eating or drinking. Even if you don’t want to remove them, you have to be extra sure of the type of foods you are eating- avoid eating sugary foods, hard candies or hard foods, super pigmented foods.
  • Don’t use the abrasive bristled toothbrush to clean your aligners
  • Using cleaning agents outside any antibacterial soap can harm the aligners and destroy them completely.
  • Don’t leave your aligners exposed while eating. This could be risky for them as it might break with a hard punch.

In today’s world where everyone is super conscious of their looks, Invisalign has been the greatest option for teens and adults. You will have an easy and super comfortable treatment at London Braces Clinic. But also keep in mind the rules you need to follow to get the optimum benefit from this treatment.

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