Innovative Methods to Increase Average Order Value at Your Web-to-Print Store!

Increase Average Order Value at Your Web-to-Print Store!

Is your print business struggling to retain customers in the long run? If so, then you are not alone. Customer acquisition and retention are the major problems that businesses are facing these days. Even after building an optimized web-to-print storefront, you must plan innovative strategies to maintain your order value.

Sales and orders determine customers’ retention, and it can be calculated with improved average order value. You must plan better tactics for raising customer orders. So first, let’s dive into the definition of average order value (AOV).

What is the Average Order Value?

The average order value (AOV) is a measurement tool. It determines the typical amount of dollars that a customer spends during an online shopping session. This metric, which is widely used by online businesses, helps them make informed decisions regarding their advertising and marketing expenditures. So, here is how you can calculate your company’s average order value:

Average Order Value (AOV) = Total Revenue / Number of Orders

A larger average order value suggests the business is successfully meeting its sales objectives and operating profitably. However, the lower AOV signifies that you need to make some strategic changes regarding boosting your sales and gaining better revenue.

To boost your web-to-print storefront’s AOV, it is crucial to strategize and apply the appropriate techniques for raising AOV effectively.

 How can you enhance the average order value on your web-to-print platform?

 The advanced web-to-print software can significantly enhance your print business’s average order value. Here are some effective methods to boost AOV in your w2p e-store.

1.    Offer stealing deals

We value your business by offering discounts and deals that urge customers to buy your product over others. With the web2print solution, you can make posters and other discount-related printed materials to notify customers.

Moreover, it is necessary to offer discounts strategically. Instead of lowering product prices, think about providing incentives such as discounts or BOGO offers for every purchase. It is a tried and tested formula that doesn’t let you down. With proper implementation of the discounted rate and time, you can increase the order value.

For your w2p store, it is essential to create unique banners and posters about the stealth deals and offer validity to prior notify them about it. Attractive visuals about sales and deals grab the attention faster. So, the proven way of getting better sales and improving order value is by offering discounts and stealing deals from your customers.

2.    Club Membership Programs

Allowing your regular customers to create their accounts and become club members is a significant way to expand your loyal customer base. It is an initiative to give special benefits to customers who have registered themselves with premium club membership.

Club members are turned into first-priority customers for your w2p store. Usually, you must deliver them with the below-mentioned perks;

  •        Exclusive deals for clubbed members
  •        Notifying them earlier about a new product launch
  •        Special discounts on amounts beyond certain dollars
  •       Prior access to sales and deals
  •        Gifts or extra discount offers on certain services
  •        Allow lifetime free shipping
  •        Unlock scratch cards and vouchers on bulk orders, etc.

Therefore, your w2p store’s interactive contests, printing updates, and giveaways make it the most effective way to impact the purchasing choices of your loyal customers.

However, you can allow members to create the design of their products by unlocking premium templates and tools that are restricted to normal visitors. It builds a sense of entitlement among them and increases the possibility of repetitive purchases.

3.    Provide some freebies

Now, it is evident that we all love free items, even if it is just a free candy on the whole month’s grocery purchase, aren’t we? Well, joke apart, being a print service provider, your w2p store allows free shipping or free customization trials.

The w2p solution offers free access to templates and print files. Furthermore, offering a free small printing service on each order also attracts customers. Your print business experiences an uptick in average order value and improved revenue.

4.    Special rewards on bulk orders

Offering special rewards or giveaways on bulk orders of print projects makes your customers remain engaged with your business for the long run. Remember you shouldn’t offer a discount on the cost of profit margins. Your offer needs to be enticing for both your W2P store and your customers.

For example, being a print firm, your w2p solution allows customers discounts on future purchases, referral discounts, and many others. So, for bulk purchasing customers, add an extra benefit that keeps them linked with your business and helps to increase the order value incredibly.

5.    Genuine customer reviews

Attracting new customers through web to print storefront solutions is a tricky task. It is essential to gain their trust in your business. Gaining trust can be done when they see your business expertise in the form of social proof such as customer reviews.

Showcasing genuine customer reviews and mentioning their experience in your w2p storefront. Furthermore, having storefront growth statistics, customer satisfaction percentages, reviews, and case studies can easily convince new customers to get your service.

The testimonials of customers are the most influential among all proofs. You can utilize them for pitching new clients via email marketing in newsletters. Therefore, customers get detailed insight into your business performance and further make their buying decisions.

6.    Limited time sales

As mentioned previously, providing discounts and special offers can significantly boost your business sales. However, setting a time limit on these discounts instils a sense of urgency in customers. We encourage customers to place bulk orders in one go. It is an effective method to achieve the sales target in a short duration.

Adding a sale start and end date makes customers lose the deal of the day if they have yet to order. For instance, getting a flat 30% off on all design templates for the next 2 days makes them impatient and hurry to place the order.

However, these limited-time sales work great during festive seasons and Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. Hence, offering deals for a limited time can do wonders in boosting your average order value.

It’s your turn

So, the above methods will surely help you enhance your order value and gain customers globally. Plan methods, efficiently and execute strategies to make your business stand out among online marketplaces.

Just remember that you don’t overperform any method. It will affect your business adversely as offering too many discounts and deals will decrease the profit margin. Moreover, the w2p solution has 90% resources ready to perform any method right away.

Therefore, for print firms, it somewhat becomes straightforward to run any marketing campaigns. You must select the right w2p software provider and you are good to go. So, invest in the ideal web-to-print solution now!

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