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Having a website is essential for any real estate agency. But in the internet ocean, it is no longer enough just to exist. You also have to be noticed.

And for this, it is essential to achieve good positioning. That is, achieve visibility on the almighty Google. For this, a quality website is required. And certain strategies will help you appear higher in the list of results. and, with it, to increase the number of visits.

Basic and not-so-basic contents

Most websites in the real estate sector have very similar basic sections. the presentation of who we are. a more or less elaborate search engine for the portfolio of available properties. the services offered. And the contact details

It is mostly static content. They are published once and continue as is for months. But for a website to stand out, it needs constant updates.  news that shows the search engine algorithm that it is a live website. A good option is to have a blog on the website itself. or a news section.

Take care of what is published        

The blog or news section of the website of a real estate agency is the ideal place to publish interesting and quality content in the sector. Reports of generic or specific prices of the area in which the agency works, trends in the real estate world, the evolution of sales or rentals, the launch of innovative services, etc.

It is important to write in your own original way. Google “spiders” detect copied texts and penalize websites that plagiarize the content of others. In addition, you must try to relate the content to the activity of the agency. And with all this, links are obtained that can be spread on social networks to try to attract visits. And reinforce the brand image.

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SEO strategies: keys to positioning

The joke is already old but no less true: “Where is the best place to hide a corpse?” “The second page of Google results.” It is estimated that 80% of people do not go over the first page. But how do you get to be in such a select club?

One option is to use SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ). That is, to paid ad campaigns like Google Ad Words. It is a powerful and effective decision, but it requires a significant investment. And from the hiring of personnel or a specialized agency.

Instead, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies are free. And they only require a certain dedication when publishing on the web.

Keywords, definitions, semantic titles

One of the basic aspects of improving the positioning is to define the keywords. Both describe the website itself and each piece of content that is published. The most important thing is to write with the same words that the search will use to put yourself in the customer’s mind.

Keywords should be descriptive but not overly generic. The most global definitions (e.g., “Madrid real estate center,” “Costa Blanca flats”) are usually already “occupied” by large agencies. It is advisable to be more specific and respond to what customers may be looking for. Include the name of the town or neighborhood where you work. Or the type of property (villas, penthouses, etc.) if it is a specialized agency, for example. We must avoid bombastic terms because they will hardly be the ones used in searches.

Key terms should appear within the text naturally and throughout the writing. not as mere decontextualized labels. And, is also very important, as meta tags in the html code of the web. Most content managers have a section for this that simply needs to be filled in, without the need for more programming knowledge.

Similarly, each page of the Web must have a “semantic” title. Instead of the reference code of a property, a few words describe it. For example, instead of “home” or “index,” it is better to use the name of the agency to title the cover of the web.

Clear and simple text

In the same way that you have to choose simple and clear keywords, it is also important to write directly. No convoluted phrases or complicated metaphors. Some words or even a brief paragraph in bold may be highlighted, but with care not to abuse it.

What should never be used are uppercase texts.  Because the ‘netiquette’ considers them a lack education. And, in addition, search engines penalize them in their results lists.

Although it seems obvious, you must make sure before publishing that the texts are correct, without spelling or syntax errors. not just for the positioning but also for the company’s brand image.

Link and share

Another important point when it comes to improving the positioning of a website is that it appears linked to other places on the internet. Initially, it is recommended to create internal links within the website itself. Among blog posts that complement each other, for example. or from a blog post to one of the services described.

Social media is the other great source of links. Not only can and should be shared the content we publish.  But it is also necessary to facilitate others doing it. The website must have icons that direct the agency’s profiles on the different networks. And each of the contents must also include buttons that facilitate the sharing of information.

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In the pictures, the words also count.

Images are also important to search engine algorithms. It is calculated that a “quality” image, according to Google’s parameters, positions up to 40% better than any text. And for this, you have to take into account what they show. and what they say.

One of the most effective ways to improve results positions is to rename images. Changing the alphanumeric code that the camera gives each file for descriptive words implies that Google can find that photo when someone searches for those terms.

The description can be further elongated in the image meta-information. You can edit the “properties” or “details” (the name changes depending on the operating system used) to include more data. and also the website address of the real estate agency.

Thus, not only the photo itself can appear as a prominent result. But they increase the number of occurrences of the web address. And, with this, its global positioning is improved.

Measure results

To know both the number of visits the real estate agency website currently receives and the expected increase if these strategies are applied, the results must be measured and analyzed. Configuring Google Analytics allows knowing who visits the web. From which cities or countries? From which links have they found the Web? How much time do they spend visiting it? What is the last page you see before leaving? or what content generates more interest.

Only in this way will it be possible to check the effect of the measures adopted and detect in which aspects it is possible to continue improving.

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