How to Draw a Banana

How to Draw a Banana

How to Draw a Banana. There is a rich story of fruits and other foods described in art. Most of the time, this is done in a serious serious nature, but sometimes fruits can be represented funnily. It is what we are here to show now, learning to draw a cartoon banana! This tutorial will show a new cool side of this famous fruit. Bananas can be surprisingly difficult to draw properly in the best cases, which is always true even when done in a cartoon style.

The steps we have prepared show how fun and easy it is! You can draw many more characters like a bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing, and many more cool drawings.

Drawing Banana

Step 1:

Let’s start with simple things in this first step of our tutorial. Bananas have a very simple shape and structure; when they are not paid, they are one of the easiest fruits to draw. Although they may be easier than others, the challenge comes with making the form good. As we will draw now, it can be even harder when the banana is not impressed.

Don’t worry, however, because we will show you how you can make your task easier! First of all, we will draw the lower half of this banana. You can do this with a curved line to create the curved shape we show in our reference image. Finish by adding a small rounded section at the end so we can continue.

Step 2:

For the second step of this guide on drawing a cartoon banana, we will draw the skin that will take off from the part you just pulled. These coating sections will be drawn using very curled rounded lines. The left will be part of the section you designed in the previous step without any line between them.

The middle one will be designed while their separate section falls on the side. Finally, the right will be attached to the separate section of the central skin. If all this seems complicated, it will be much clearer when you look at the reference image!

Step 3:

You have the sketch for the bark of this cartoon, and now we will get details before we go to the banana itself. These details must be very easy to add! If you have already peeled a real banana, you will know that there is a smooth outer section with an approximate inner section, and these details show this approximate inner section. Use more curved lines to show this inner section of banana skin peeling. Again, you should follow the reference image closely for this part!

Step 4:

In this fourth stage of our guide, we will draw our banana and add good twists! First, draw the banana body climbing from inside the skin using a single long round line. However, it is not just an ordinary banana! It will have a face and uses certain accessories.

You can show how cool this banana is by adding sunglasses. These plans will be at the top and have two rounded sections below. Then we will finish the face and any other final detail in the next step of the guide.

Step 5:

How to Draw a Banana

This fifth step from our guide on drawing a cartoon banana will show that you finish the details of the face of this cool guy. First, draw some lips under the glasses wearing small rounded lines. Then give him a certain attitude pulling the eyebrows above the glasses. After drawing these newer details, you can add some of yours!

You can provide more pleasant accessories or create a background that may have other impressive fruits. These are just a few ideas, but what can you think more to add to the scene?

Step 6:

How to Draw a Banana

Your cartoon banana drawing is already so good! Color can make an excellent drawing even better, and that’s what we’re focusing on in this last step. The real bananas come in a beautiful palette of yellow colors, and we represent it here. This guy is cool and has a lot of attitude, so we correspond to that by using bright and striking skin with smoother tones for the inside.

We think it suits this cool cartoon banana, but there are many other colors you can also opt for! Do you think you will look for a similar color scheme or choose something different for your drawing?

See how you can make your cartoon banana drawing even better

You will surely find these tips for your very attractive cartoon banana sketch! This drawing of a cartoon banana shows a super cool character, and this kind of character would certainly have a nice slogan! You can show what you think this slogan could be by adding a speech bubble above the banana. This slogan may be whatever you want, and it can be fun to incorporate a type of pun or play with words.

There are so many cool phrases that you could choose what this cartoon banana could say. You can also make this cartoon banana cooler, adding friends to it. These can be based on other types of fruits and vegetables, which are also transformed into cartoons. If you make them look as cool as this banana, you will have a great food team! What other fruits, vegetables, or types of foods could you use to fill your image with even cooler characters?

This cartoon banana drawing shows this character wearing sunglasses, which each cool character needs. That said, you can also add other clothes and accessories so that this cartoon banana. For example, he could use a back cover or perhaps a gold chain around his neck. These are just a few examples, but it’s your chance to make this cartoon banana as elegant as you want! What equipment would you like to equip this banana with cartoons?

Once the cartoon banana outline is exactly what you want, you can finish with a background. If you followed a theme for how you wore this cartoon banana, the background could correspond to this theme. You may have dressed this cartoon banana to look for a day on the beach. In this case, an oceanic background would be perfect to finish. This last tip can also be used with one of our previous suggestions!

Your cartoon banana drawing is complete!

It is the end of this guide on drawing a cartoon banana, and we hope you had an amazing time working there! In this guide, our goals were to create a fun image for you, but we also wanted to ensure the drawing was a fun and easy experience. Just follow all the steps and do your best, and you will have your cartoon banana in a short time!

Then you can show your creative skills by adding your details and ideas. You can also create funny scenes or fruitful friends to pass the time. What will you do to put your turn on this drawing? When you finish this guide and are ready to learn more, you can consult our site for more impressive drawing guides!

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