How To Use Display Yelp Reviews On Hotel Social Walls?

Yelp Reviews

Reviews and ratings have become so important these days that they can decide the success graph of a business. People look out for Yelp reviews or ratings they could receive before trying out a place, food, cuisine, or product. So, if you display reviews and ratings around your business, you enhance the chances of your business improving multi-folds. And who better to help you out in this regard than Yelp?

Yelp has emerged as the de facto industry standard for most US consumers. In actuality, Yelp receives over 178 million unique visitors every month to its website and 33 million users of its mobile app. In other words, 13% of US customers research a company on Yelp before making a purchase. And of them, 42% make purchases from companies with 5-star reviews the same day!

Yelp reviews are powerful, and let’s see how you can use them to make your business stand out.

How To Use Yelp Reviews For Your Business’s Growth?

Yelp reviews are an essential part that helps hospitality, or food businesses to grow. Given their impact, hospitality businesses are using them on a daily basis.

1. Create A Great Yelp Profile 

Any restaurant or motel needs, first and foremost, a stellar Yelp profile. If you are a new business, just search for your restaurant or motel on Yelp and claim your free business page.

Once you’ve done that, create a compelling Yelp profile for your company. Next, examine the company profiles of your local rivals, whether they are rated 4 stars, 3 stars, or less. By contrasting all types of competitors, try differentiating the factors that draw or repel traffic.

You must include all the necessary information in your profile, including your name, category, complete address, phone number, a link to your website and menu, information about your company, and an entire photo gallery with high-quality pictures.

2. Take Out Time To Respond To The Reviews

Recognize the value of consumer feedback and give it your attention. You can showcase to your customers that you value their opinions and would go above and beyond to improve their experience by replying to positive and negative reviews.

Positive Yelp reviews provide social proof of your products, services, food, and people. Not to mention, they raise your company’s overall rating on the platform.

Negative reviews may not be what you wanted, but they give you a chance to fix any aspects of your company that you may have missed. Consider it as constructive criticism, and work to address the issues raised. Additionally, respond gently to criticism to maintain a strong bond with your customers.

3. Display Yelp Reviews On Digital Signages

By displaying Yelp reviews on a free social wall, you can successfully foster social trust among your customers. The social wall can contain UGC in different content forms like text, images, videos, reviews, and so on.

When displayed on digital signs for your restaurant or hotel business, Yelp customer evaluations also serve as user-generated content. For such, you might use a social media wall. You may easily display client reviews as part of your digital display by adding Yelp as a source for your social wall feeds.

Displaying Yelp reviews from consumers at your place of business helps you gain public trust, strengthens your social profile, and motivates other customers to post reviews. This enhances the reputation of your company’s brand.

Why Should You Use Yelp Reviews?

Yelp may be a great resource for people looking to locate local businesses and services. A favorable review can significantly increase your trust, bringing more clients to your company.


Positive Yelp reviews can help you grow your customer base by bringing in more clients because of positive word of mouth. Yelp also often receives close to 150 million unique visits each month. By listing your company on Yelp, you can expose it to this huge user base and raise your visibility.

Easy To Use

Yelp is really simple to use. Customers don’t even need a username to access reviews and other information about a business on Yelp. This increases the likelihood that someone will check up on your account using a rather easy approach without having to join up.

Reliable Reviews

According to a survey, 91% of individuals place the same amount of trust in online reviews as they do in personal recommendations. As a result, many individuals turn to Yelp while looking for reviews. Yelp also screens reviews, “recommending” some of the verified ones. Yelp often classifies unrecommended reviews as fraudulent, useless, or prejudiced to direct users to only dependable reviews. This strengthens Yelp’s reputation as a review site.

Wrapping Up!

Yelp reviews have been helping businesses since 2004. They are a platform that people trust and read their reviews before investing time and money in businesses. So, in case you are already not utilizing yelp reviews, then it’s high time that you involve them in your business through the ways we mentioned above.

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