Now You Can Customize Your Pillow Boxes In Any Shape Or Design.

Pillow boxes

Looking for unique packaging for your products? Try customizing your pillow boxes! With the ability to shape and design them in any way you like, you can create a personalized packaging experience for your customers. When going to a 5-star restaurant, plating is the first thing you do when the food is served. How beautifully and artistically a chef has presented his cuisine on a plate tempts you to have the food. You already thought about the restaurant’s quality before tasting the food. You can see how a good presentation leads to a good overall dining experience. Similarly, in all sectors, presentation matters, whether it’s food on a plate or a gift box.

Customizing your pillow boxes will enhance your brand’s reach as they will allure and appeal to a larger audience. If you struggle to decide how to do that, keep reading.

Use various colors to create dazzling themes for perfect products or events.

Colors evoke emotion and grab attention. Using enriched printing ink while printing striking high-resolution images will add to your brand loyalty. It gives an impression of a high-end brand. Customize your pillow boxes with sharp colors and themes.

Get personalized messages printed on wholesale pillow boxes.

Whether it’s perfume, a watch, or anything in cosmetics, custom pillow boxes are ideal for gifting your loved ones. Your gift should convey your emotions powerfully; hence the presentation of your pillow boxes matters.

It will appeal to the five senses of the receiver and give them the best unboxing experience. You can customize your wholesale pillow boxes according to your need. Adding inserts or compartments will further make your gift look more presentable.

 A classy velvet backdrop will enhance the box’s appearance by making it look luxurious. You can add on ribbons and other embellishments to give a trendy look. In addition, you can use ads like embossing or debossing to highlight a personal message for your loved ones. Offering a personal touch to your custom pillow boxes will impact your receiver’s heart.

Ensure durability as it’s one of the essential parts

The first and foremost packaging job is to protect your items during shipment and in stores. Hence, you should ensure your pillow boxes are made up of rigid and sturdy material, protecting your products from external wear and tear. Products are essential and precious to the customers, and their ‘security is your responsibility. The number of layers used in cardboard pillow boxes gives extra protection. Some premium quality materials that can be used are:

  • Cardboard
  • Cardstock
  • Kraft
  • Boxboard
  • Corrugated

The cardboard we use is 100% biodegradable. It would help if you were a responsible brand and should contribute towards a green environment by producing sustainable packaging. Use soy-based ink that doesn’t have any toxic gasses in the background. Be aware of the consequences of mounting packaging waste; hence aim to meet eco-minded customers.

Introduce the die-cut window option to add extra leverage to your pillow boxes.

Brands must give their products maximum exposure and a competitive advantage in the retail aisles to increase sales in today’s world. It would help if you utilized stylish and non-traditional packaging to enclose your products to glamorize their appearance and attract customers. Custom boxes with a clear window boost the visibility of your product and let customers glance at the product so that they can be reassured before they make a purchase.

Glam up your boxes with a plethora of finishing options

Finishing is the last touch that elevates your normal packaging to a professional level. Finishing methods help you secure all your hard work on your pillow boxes to stay intact. They ensure your packaging as well as give a lustrous and glossy look. They make your prints look sharper and eye-catching so that your customers get intrigued at the very first look. Some of the common finishing options are listed below.

  • ●             Foil stamping
  • ●             Glossy/matte lamination
  • ●             UV coating
  • ●             Die-cutting
  • ●             Embossing
  • ●             Raised ink
  • ●             Debossing

Ultraviolet coating, popularly known as UV coating, is a popular finishing technique used by brand manufacturers to protect their products that are to be handled during delivery. This coating is a thin liquid that is transparent or clear and leaves a distinct hard layer on your printed material. Lamination also helps protect your pillow boxes and overall keeps everything intact.


In conclusion, custom pillow boxes offer a great opportunity for businesses to create unique and personalized packaging for their products. With the ability to shape and design these boxes in any way, businesses can create a packaging experience that sets them apart from their competitors. Additionally, custom pillow boxes can be an effective way to enhance brand awareness and recognition, as they can be customized with logos, slogans, and other branding elements. By offering a personalized packaging experience to their customers, businesses can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. So, if you’re looking to take your packaging game to the next level, consider customizing your pillow boxes today!

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