Best SEO Tools To Boost Your Rankings [2022]

Best SEO Tools

How can you assess an effective SEO tool’s worth? How can one select which SEO tools are the finest when there are so many available and new ones are always being developed by SEO experts?

In my view, the most effective SEO tools in Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne boost your website’s traffic while saving you time, effort, and money.

Discover the top 5 SEO tools in this article, which can do all these things and more.

Best SEO Tools


SEO Tools

The most widely used SEO tool for competition analysis and keyword research is Semrush.

Semrush, the market’s greatest competitive intelligence tool, enables you to spy on the keywords of your rivals and produce exceptional content that ranks highly in search engines.

Analyzing backlinks, keyword positions, and doing site audits are valuable uses. Without a Semrush membership, you’re losing out on some excellent chances to produce content that ranks higher than that of your rivals.


Ahrefs is the best tool available for auditing and researching backlinks. We’ve experimented with various backlink analysis tools, but Ahrefs offers the most complete and precise data.

A lot of link data is available in Ahrefs, including the number of links a website has, the referring domains it uses, its link authority, and the growth of its backlink profile.

Because it also displays the site’s broken links, anchor text density, lost links, and many other things, it is also perfect for completing a backlink audit of your website.


You don’t need to wonder if WordPress is the correct CMS for you because more than 25% of websites worldwide use it.

YoastSEO is one of several SEO plugins available for WordPress, but it is also one of the most well-liked and well-known by users. It is because most of its key features are entirely free and that it is really simple to use and highly effective.

WordPress’ YoastSEO SEO tool is an all-in-one solution that makes managing all the fundamental components of on-page SEO appear easy. It’s easy to add meta tags to your web pages. You can also assess the content’s keyword density and readability score using the Flesch algorithm, optimize your photos, and do much more.

YoastSEO can assist you with building a sitemap and submitting it to Google Webmasters, in addition to handling the on-page SEO components of the content on your website.

Long Tail Pro

Both bloggers and internet marketers use Long Tail Pro because it is a potent research and blogging tool.

Long Tail Pro was introduced in 2011 and has grown to be utilized by more than 70,000 businesses globally.

You may find low-competition high-traffic keywords using Long Tail Pro. You may perform keyword research, go through the 10 most popular results for each keyword in your industry, and find profitable keywords in competitive marketplaces with the aid of this application.


Are you seeking an SEO tool to analyze your website’s performance and offer helpful recommendations for site speed improvements? Then you should try GTMetrix as a tool. Your site’s loading process is fully depicted in the GTMetrix report, enabling you to locate any bottlenecks.

GTMetrix is a great tool for evaluating your website’s functionality, and all its key functions are available without cost.


SEO Tools

The all-in-one SEO toolkit that Moz offers facilitates site optimization. Additionally, various free SEO tools are provided for keyword research, website performance, link building, and local SEO audits.

Using Link Explorer, smart link creation is possible. Users get access to the biggest keyword search database through Keyword Explorer, making it simple to identify the ideal search terms for your website. An add-on for Chrome called MozBar analyzes each website you visit. You can quickly analyze your top SERP rivals using the Competitive Research function. Other tools that you may use for free exist in addition to these four.

The site is worth visiting because Moz provides free SEO learning for newcomers and individuals who wish to master sophisticated techniques. It provides a solid basis for beginning your SEO adventure or expanding your SEO skills.

Woorank SEO

Woorank is a free browser plugin that provides SEO insights for each website you visit in addition to its suite of paid SEO solutions. Examine your website and the websites of your rivals. Obtain instantaneous outcomes and insights. Be aware of your areas for improvement and the additional tools you’ll need to raise your SEO ranking.

In addition to other fundamental SEO measures, the SEO study provides information on links, site visitors, structured data, accessibility, and mobile compatibility: download Chrome, Edge, and Firefox plugin to optimize your site for various search engines.

Google Search Console 

Best SEO Tools

Utilizing Google’s tools is one of the simplest methods to enhance your site’s performance on Google Search. Many options in the Google Search Console get used to learning how the search engine functions and how to improve your website for it.

Utilize the Index Coverage Report to see which pages are not indexed. Use the Mobile Usability tool to check your website’s mobile friendliness and use Search Console reports to keep an eye on AMP sites, track rich results, and find problems with your website. Examine clicks, impressions, and ranks to learn how to optimize your content, examine clicks, impressions, and ranks.

Bing Webmaster Tools 

Do you want to improve how well other search engines rank your website? You may optimize your website for Microsoft Bing using the entire array of free SEO tools the Bing Webmaster Tools provides.

Check your website for SEO concerns with diagnostic tools. Utilize cutting-edge technologies to examine backlinks, research keywords, and enhance Bing page ranks. For all of your sites, you may generate reports and get notifications.

Optimizing your website for Bing Webmaster is no excuse as all SEO tools are free.

Penguin Tool

After an upgrade, did your ranks suddenly drop? Utilize the Penguin Tool to learn why. Using our free SEO tool, you can determine if your website had the most recent Google update issues.

Using Penguin’s interactive timeline, you may examine algorithm updates in reverse chronological order. It details the effects of an algorithm change on the traffic to and ranking of your website. You may also filter updates based on their kind to see how they affect particular channels.


In our opinion, these are the top SEO tools to help your website rank highly in Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne.

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