Advantages Of Social Walls At Events

social wall for event

The impact of social media is getting more direct than ever. The Social Wall is the sole platform for generating unique customers for businesses and brands. Having powerful social media is not voluntary any more. Statistically speaking, there are more than 4.2 billion active users on social media across the globe.

In today’s times, when everyone is part of the internet culture, social media is the best way to increase sales and market your brand. 

Sales, marketing, or events – social media can give your brand that extra boost. It is as important as having a marketing plan, and companies are now recognizing this need. Nowadays, not just brands but events are also booming by taking full advantage of social media and fairly so. 

Events are a great way to flaunt your social media presence and leave an everlasting impact on your audience. But how can you display your social media feed during events in a way that does the job but also keeps the audience engaged? 

This is when social walls come to the rescue!

Read more to know how social media walls can make your events infinitely better

Advantages Of Social Wall

Branding is an important part of events, and if you are not talking about your brand enough in your event, then you are missing out on a lot. Branding is an integral part of hosting events, but in today’s era, banners and physical hoardings are not enough. 

This is why you need to up your game by introducing social walls in your event. It is the best marketing strategy and also a perfect tool to help you with branding.

Social walls can actually evoke undeniable interest and keep the audience hooked onto your event. You can plan campaigns, run tickers to promote your brand taglines, and even introduce unique hashtags for your brand. 

You can use your social wall in numerous ways to showcase content, interact with your audience, and analyze them better. Social walls help to create a lot of public interest in your event, and can also ensure that the audience stays interested even in the future.

Social walls give your audience a unique experience, and users tend to have a better memory of the things they consume as visuals, which is why having social walls at your events has become essential.

Here are some effective ways to use social walls and make your events infinitely better.

Ways To Use Social Media Walls

A social wall acts as a blank canvas for you during events wherein you can promote, announce, or showcase different content, and events are an excellent opportunity to lay emphasis on all that your brand stands for. 

There are many ways to use an Instagram wall for your events. We are listing down a few ways below to help you understand the potential of social walls and how they can make your events infinitely better!

It Adds to The Beauty

A social wall is a feed of aggregated posts collected from various social media channels in real time. They are a great way to make your events look compelling and attract the attention of the audience, especially if your brand’s social media is aesthetically pleasing. 

People love to see real-time content. It has been tried and tested that a good social media presence is vital in gaining the better trust of your audience and making your event look engaging. 

You can also use social walls to display user-generated content during your events. UGC works best to give your audience a personalized experience. It also acts as social proof for your brand, which is just the thing you need to make your event a whole lot better.

A Separate Space For Your Sponsors

Events and sponsorships go hand-in-hand. Featuring your partner sponsors on social walls is also helpful in generating good publicity for them. 

Providing high visibility for your sponsors also allows you to make ties with other potential sponsors for your future events, which directly benefits your brand, too. 

Pleasing your sponsors is an important factor to consider when planning your event. Giving a separate space to your sponsors is a smart way to give them their deserved space and liberty to announce their curriculum. Satisfying your sponsors is also an important element in making your event successful.

Interactive Sessions – Quizzes And Poll Games

You can gratify your event by adding interactive sessions. Interacting and engaging with your audience by playing quizzes and poll games is a top-tier technique to know your audience better and improve ways to target your audience in the future. 

People love playing to win during events. You can run contests and giveaways on your social media platform and run them live on your social wall. 

By conducting interactive sessions, you also increase audience participation, ultimately making your event a better success.

Keeps The Event Hype Going

There is a lot more to events than meets the eye. And nowadays, you can make your events extremely engaging with new emerging tools that can bring so much innovation to your events.

You can keep your event hyped up by introducing creative hashtags and encouraging your audience to use them on social media. 

This user-generated content is a great way to keep up the buzz of your event. You can also use social media aggregation tool and make the social wall so attractive that your audiences are compelled to look at the wall and engage with your content on display.


Directly or indirectly, social media is changing how we live and even how we host our events. Audiences don’t want to be endorsed in advertisements; they want more to see and engage. 

Social walls are your perfect solution to make your events infinitely better. You can showcase so many amazing things: social media feeds, user-generated content, give visibility to your sponsors, and even make your events more interesting and interactive with social walls. The best part is that you can moderate all this according to your preferences.

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