Best 7 Gaming Companies Operating in India By 2022

Gaming Companies

Nazara Technologies

Nazara Technologies, founded by Nitesh Mittersain back in 1999, are gaming companies that operate in a variety of sectors, including subscription games, freemium games, e-sports, and games dependent on skills. They operate in more than 64 different countries. It is growing quickly and has also acquired several businesses in the process, like NODWIN Gaming, Sportskeeda, and numerous others. The company now has an active user base of more than 100 million. It is on the verge of becoming publicly available.

Nazara Technologies Limited is a well-known game maker for mobile devices with its headquarters located in India, Dubai, Africa, and Singapore. Nazara has a staff of 250 employees and has offices in India and Dubai. They are experts in providing brand-name services to users on mobile devices in the most efficient way that is feasible while also building brand recognition. 

Nazara is India’s largest mobile entertainment platform, with more than 100 million monthly active users. now. gg. Roblox develops innovative mobile applications that combine technology and an exciting experience. Godwin Gaming (India’s #1 ESports Company), Nextwave Multimedia (Makers of WCC, the World’s No. 1 Cricket game franchise), SportsKeeda (India’s top ESports Content Destination), Halaplay (Fantasy Sports), Qunami (Quizzing app) and Nazara Digital (India’s fastest growing Mobile Games Publisher, operating in 100+ countries) are among the gaming companies that make up their global network.

Nazara Technologies

Dream 11.

The players can play cricket, or hockey in fantasy, basketball, or kabaddi on Dream11, the Indian site for sports that are fantasy. Dream11 was among the first Indian gaming companies to be unicorns in April 2019.

Dream 11, was one of the very first mobile-based gaming companies. It introduced basketball, cricket, kabaddi, as well as football, and hockey in the year 2012. It was the first Indian gaming company to be designated as a unicorn within the calendar year 2019. They were awarded an official sponsorship for the Indian Premier League 2020 in August 2020. They’ve also partnered with the International Cricket Council, the Pro Kabaddi League, and the International Hockey Association. Also, video editing websites and tools like Xvideostudio Video Editor have made it easy to make these platforms attractive.

With over 11 crore active users, Dream11 is India’s largest fantasy sports website. It’s a great opportunity to show off your team-building skills. With Dream11 you could earn as much as. 50 crores every day through your expertise in sports.

Paytm First Games.

Paytm First Games was also initially known as Gamepind and is a Paytm as well as Ali Baba’s AGTech holdings joint venture. It has more than 45 million registered players and offers a wide range of games. As the industry of e-gaming expands, it reaches its peak at the start of its presence in 2018. They’ve also collaborated with Esports. Paytm First Games is the most secure method of being capable of participating online in rummy, poker, call break, and fantasy sports. To win Paytm cash, players have to be able to play online poker or rummy. You can also play Call of Duty, fantasy sports.

Paytm First Games happens to be one of the most popular online betting sites for sports and gambling. For the chance to earn Paytm cash every day you can participate in many Rummy games and fun competitions. Join in Rummy tournaments and challenges on Paytm First Games to win Jackpot Slots, daily cashback, and numerous other benefits. Alternatively, you can choose BNSF Emulator For gaming purposes


With over 175 million downloads for apps, the gaming company is one of the most famous in the mobile game industry. It is located in Mumbai. The company was established in 2005. While being a traditional gaming site, it also provides gaming-related and marketing-related networks. They boast over 15 million monthly gamers. Google Play, Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, and Amazon all have games available.


Octro is an established gaming company in India founded in 2006. It was founded in 2006 by Stanford Alumnus Saurabh Agarwal. Their deep understanding of players and an experienced team that has strong technology and a keen focus on the product have allowed Octro to design world-class games for India.

Their wide range of games includes games that are based on skill (PlayRummy and Gold11) as well as informal, free-to-play gaming (card as well as other kinds of games) (Teenpatti, IndianRummy, Poker, Tambola, Soccer Battles). Octro is a data science firm with a focus on insight. The company’s goal is to enhance the gaming experience for players while also providing the most secure and secure gaming platform.

99 Game

99Games is India’s top publisher and creator of high-quality games that appeal to the world as well as Indian players. 99Games’s proudest accomplishment is being the maker of “Star Chef,” the world’s most well-known international game, and “Dhoom 3: The Game,” which is among the top popular games that are downloaded by players in India. 99Games has launched over 22 titles and has over 70 million downloads all over the globe. 99Games is an acknowledged expert in the Indian gaming market and has an experienced team that has been working together for more than 10 years. 99Games has received funding from several reputable institutional investors like Dream Incubator, Kalaari Capital, and Ascent Capital.


HashCube is a gaming company that is based in Bangalore that is rapidly growing. Their objective is to create low-cost, high-quality games for phones that are enjoyable to play. They design highly sophisticated games that will keep players entertained for long periods by making use of fewer but more popular games that are more popular. The company was among the very first to create Sudoku Quest, the world’s most popular Sudoku game that has over 2 million users.

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