6 Best Places to Visit in Atlanta

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Atlanta is a major city in the American South. It has seen everything from military conflicts to broad cultural movements and has hosted the Olympic Games. It is also a well-known tourist destination. Atlanta has it all, whether you’re looking for opulent resorts or down-home country restaurants. Are you ready to go on a peach-picking adventure in Georgia? Here are a few memorable Atlanta activities.

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1 Center for Puppetry Arts

This little-known art form is the focus of the Center for Puppetry Arts. It is one of the world’s largest museums of its kind, making it unique not only to Georgia but also to the entire world. There are no other large-scale puppet collections anywhere else. Exhibits include Sesame Street and Mystery Science Theater 3000 puppet characters. A gallery of well-known puppets and puppeteers from the past is also on display, as is a workshop where visitors can make their own puppets to take home.

2 Georgia Aquariums

The Georgia Aquarium is a sight to behold, pumping more than 10 million gallons of water through its pools, tanks, and tunnels. It is not only the largest aquarium in the United States but also the third largest in the world. It is home to thousands of animals. Dolphins, manta rays, and fire eels are among the amazing creatures found here. There are even whale sharks! It’s the only whale shark collection outside of Asia, and their importation from Taiwan was a big deal back then.

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3 Margaret Mitchell House

The Margaret Mitchell House honors the women who gave birth to one of the world’s most enduring classics. It’s part museum, part home tour, and it’ll take you on a journey through both book and writer, broadening your understanding of history, literature, and southern culture. Here’s another strange fact for you: Margaret Mitchell was on Peachtree Street in 1949 when she was a drunk driver. She was only a few miles away from Scarlett O’Hara’s house. This is not a made-up situation.

4 Atlanta Glass Treehouse

The Atlanta Glass Treehouse is a work of art. It is almost made of glass, as the name implies; the only metal components are the steel beams that hold the panes together. It’s not even visible from the street. The sun-dappled leaves obscure it from view, so there’s some concealment despite the floor-to-ceiling transparency. This privacy is beneficial because the Atlanta Glass Treehouse is an owned and operated house that is available for overnight rental. You can’t walk up and take a look; you have to be looking for lodging.

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5 The Basement

The Basement could be right up your street. It’s a slice of Atlanta nightlife that defies all expectations and provides a fun, new experience for both locals and tourists. For starters, it has a secluded location that lives up to its moniker “The Basement.” Its decor is also very simple and understated so no strobe lights here. The music is also diverse. Live bands perform on some nights, while DJs spin records or host dance parties on others. Music from the 1990s is prevalent, but contemporary artists are also given a chance to shine.

6 Buckhead

Buckhead is a posh neighborhood a few minutes walk from downtown Atlanta. It gleams with office buildings and high-rise hotels that tower above the streets, but its true allure is below ground. It’s a shopping mecca for the wealthy. Luxury clothing, footwear, and jewelry are available from retailers. Businesses range from fine dining to hip museums and art galleries. There are several shopping malls on or near the main streets, so your favorite brands are never more than a few minutes away. You can window shop or people-watch if you don’t want to spend all your money in Buckhead.

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