10 Tips for Spotting a Bad Driving Instructor!

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Do you wonder if your instructor’s reactions are normal and justified? Do you think you are “slow” in learning or maybe it is your instructor who teaches badly? If so, should you consider changing the monitors? This article is for your then we will discuss and also our linchpin on Automatic driving instructors Walsall. To clarify your doubts, read my 10 tips for spotting a bad driving instructor.

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1. Your instructor gets carried away quickly:

Often, I hear students complaining about their instructor who yells at them for the slightest mistake. Of course, we can say that the student exaggerates. But as this subject comes up quite frequently, it seems inevitable to address it here. Does your instructor yell at you at the slightest mistake and glare at you when you ask questions? If you are in this situation, I strongly advise you to change your monitor.

This “I’m yelling at you so you don’t make the same mistake” way of teaching is not beneficial for your learning. There is a huge gap between a yelling instructor and an instructor who is tough but fair to you.

He loses his temper because you don’t understand at first what he’s asking you to do, because you don’t quickly master the maneuvers, or because you stall. No reason can justify such behavior. You are his student and it is normal for you to make mistakes since you are learning.

2. Your instructor puts you down:

Worse than an instructor who gets angry quickly is an instructor who puts you down. He tells you that “you’re never going to get your license”, “you don’t understand” or “you’re the bad student he’s ever had”.

By staying with an instructor Automatic driving instructor Walsall who puts you down, you will discourage you. You cannot learn or progress with it.

An instructor who insults you at the slightest mistake, at the slightest question, or at the slightest hesitation is counterproductive for your learning. You have the right to hesitate, that’s why we must train you. You have the right to make mistakes, that’s why there is an instructor at your side.

3. Your instructor scares you:

Your monitor may be reacting impulsively. As we have seen previously, he yells at you and puts you down. But then, if that’s the case and you’re afraid of his reactions, you might not be confident behind the wheel.

He scares you and you feel sick to your stomach every time you go to your driving lessons. You may even cry before or after your lesson. There is no shame in asking to change monitors. But don’t drag it out and try to tell yourself that you’ll get used to his character.

4. Your instructor is too laid back:

Contrary to those who get excited, there are instructors who constantly joke and do not take their teaching seriously. They are laid back. Maybe a little too laid back.

My first monitor was like this. At first, it was good because I wasn’t too stressed behind the wheel. There was a very good atmosphere in the car. One day, he told me that we were going to pick up his daughter somewhere to drop her off somewhere else. It was a totally useless course where I learned nothing. It’s nice to have fun, but you still have to progress constantly.

5. Your instructor is stressed:

He intervenes at the slightest hesitation. It does not give you time to react even when there is no immediate danger. He systematically helps you with the steering wheel. It’s good from time to time but doing it systematically is a brake on your learning. In addition, on the day of the exam, you will find yourself helpless.

I remember that an instructor in my driving school did it systematically when I took lessons with him. Driving was much easier because he intervened as soon as things got a little tougher.

6. Your instructor is not motivating:

He can’t find encouraging words to help you grow or to motivate you. There always comes a time when you will doubt your progress and question your conduct. It is the role of your instructor to encourage you and give you personalized advice.

I remember that one of my instructors did not speak during the whole lesson. He only absently gave instructions and showed little interest in my driving. At the end of the hour, I was beheaded and didn’t know what to think. I no longer took lessons with him.

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7. Your instructor criticizes you:

Does your instructor only criticize and only point out your mistakes? It does not take into account your good moves or congratulate you on your progress. He only notices your clumsiness or mistakes, without belittling you or criticizing you personally. Yet if your instructor doesn’t report the progress you’ve made, you can’t tell if your driving is improving.

8. Your instructor does not put you in challenging situations:

It’s the new situations that will move you forward. Discovering new maneuvers will allow you to find a taste for driving, especially if you master difficult maneuvers better and better.

It’s boring to always repeat the same exercises. You are not going to learn anything new when you know you are lacking. The lesson will not be interesting and you will lose one or more driving skills without having learned anything new.

9. Your instructor is a bad teacher:

It’s annoying when people speak poorly or make no effort to explain what to do and how to do it. You don’t know how to perform a new maneuver because your instructor’s explanations aren’t clear enough.

10. You don’t progress with him:

Your hours of driving go by without any progress being made. Sometimes it’s good to change instructors to have another approach to teaching driving. As for your instructor, he shouldn’t let you accumulate driving hours if he sees that there is no progress. Try talking to him about it. If you’re looking for cheap automatic driving lessons in Coventry, the Internet has expanded your options in terms of getting your driver’s license.

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