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7 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Website Traffic (How to Fix It)


Even after months of publishing your first website, why isn’t your website not generating enough traffic? Your website is a massive part of your branding. To boost your sales, you must have an online presence in this current digital world. A website must be filled with quality content and should be examined by SEO experts so that it can rank at the top of the search engine.

Every year, thousands of websites are registered on Google. However, only a few of them stand out as they are loaded with exceptional SEO practices, optimized content, and some great visuals. You are missing the mark in some of the areas, which is causing your website traffic to landslide. There are multiple ways you can fix these errors and stand ahead of the competitors.

Today, we’ll discuss some of the technical mistakes and wrong decisions you are making for your website and how you can fix them with simple practices. The primary concern of writing this blog is to educate beginners on how they can increase their website traffic and leave a mark in the digital marketing industry.

Underlining 7 Reasons Why Your Website Traffic is Failing to Impact

Even if you are a professional who keeps updating your website with quality content and SEO practices, there may be a few mistakes that you are making. Because Google’s guidelines change now and then, a digital marketer must stay to the current trends.

Even in the educational industry, websites like Assignment Bro UK are implementing technical practices to increase their website traffic.

Perplexing User Experience:

A website with confusing navigation, slow inside pages, and multiple glitches can make the user’s experience worse. If a website contains the answer the researcher is looking for, then surely your engagement rate will increase. Today’s marketers neglect the importance of creating a user-friendly website. Adding that wow factor to the website can make your bounce rate fall, which is a good sign. Adding too many visuals and too much content can sometimes ruin the appearance of your website.

To create a phenomenal website with a user-friendly interface, the tactic is to visit reference websites, examine them, and improve on how they are making the website engaging with flawless user experience.

Selection of Keywords:

The minute a website is published on the web, keyword researching is the first thing an SEO expert conducts. Finding the right keywords related to your niche is what gives you an idea of what the average audience is searching for every month. You can increase the traffic of your website by targeting high-volume keywords that are currently trending.

Prioritizing high-volume keywords will take you first to the summit of Google. People will find your website on the first page, resulting in more website visitors. So, standing ahead of your competition, all you need to do is target long-tail keywords and optimize every page accurately.

Poor Quality Content:

The phrase must be known to you that “Content is King.” Indeed, having captivating content is what’s going to attract customers to the website. Many individuals fill their websites with complex written content that may contain professional words but have zero readability scores. To win the heart of your audience, you must deliver content that is easy to understand and can provide the answer to customer’s concerns.

You must add and update quality content now and then to keep your website looking fresh. In conclusion, having regularly updated, high-quality, smartly keyworded original content is a huge part of SEO and getting organic traffic.

Having no Mobile Friendliness:

In today’s technological advancement, half of the audience uses their smartphones to surf the internet. Website professionals neglect how vital mobile-friendliness is for any website. A recent study has proven that online shopping is done through smartphones by 75% of the users. The numbers have proved that publishing a mobile-responsive website is essential if you want to increase website traffic.

Visiting other websites and taking inspiration from them will allow you to understand where your competitors stand out. With well over half of internet traffic on mobile devices now, Google and other search engines prioritize responsive websites.

Social Media Presence:

The craze of social platforms has taken over the internet by storm. Billions of people are involved in social applications. However, we can turn this craze to our advantage. People often neglect the impact of social media applications. You can market your website on social media applications and drive a considerable amount of traffic to your page. Along with SEO practices and content updating, start creating pages on social media.

This will give your website a substantial boost and help it generate more traffic. You can market your products using the trends of social media by making your advertising impactful.

SEO Practices:

The road to becoming a renowned brand with thousands of new visitors landing on your website lies in the hands of a professional SEO expert. When you conduct off-page and on-page activities, your website starts to appear on Google’s search engine, and with time and effort, it reaches the summit of Google. A business must take the assistance of SEO experts, as they can lead your brand to victory.

If you are struggling to make a mark, then reach out to professional SEO individuals and increase your website traffic by 50%. They can assist you as they are assisting academic websites that are offering assignment help in Bristol.

Brand Awareness:

A business that puts effort into brand recognition creates a lasting impression. Brand awareness is crucial for driving website traffic because it helps businesses stand out in a crowded market and increases their visibility among potential customers. By creating a solid and recognizable brand, businesses can attract and retain more customers, benefit from positive word-of-mouth referrals, and improve their online presence and search engine rankings.


Implementing innovative methods to your marketing procedures can benefit a website in multiple ways. Generating heavier website traffic can be challenging at first, but by following the techniques as mentioned above, positive results are meant to be seen.

A reputed and renowned brand conveys trust and credibility. When audiences are familiar with and trust a brand, they are more likely to visit its website to learn more about its products or services.

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