What Parents Must Know Before Their Child Admission 2023?

child admission

Are you looking forward to finding the top Indian schools for your Child Admission to Abu Dhabi? Before filling out the school application, you must ask these questions. If you want to find the best school for your kid after assessing several schools, you should be aware that the majority of schools will interview the child’s parents before making a final decision.

The interview may take place while you are touring the campus, but it is also possible that it will take place at a later time. You could also be required to participate in virtual interviews as a result of the current epidemic. The purpose of this interview isn’t only to assess you or your kid. Instead, feel free to bring up any concerns or questions you have before or during the interview.

If you want your kid to take Abu Dhabi Indian School Admission, here are a few points you must question the school authority and faculty. You can understand the environment, quality of education, and infrastructure of the school better and decide whether the school is suitable for your kid or not.

A few important questions to ask before your child admission to an Abu Dhabi Indian School

child admission

What Does a Typical School Day Look Like?

As a parent, you need to know what your kid will face in school to make informed decisions about their education. Inquire about the school’s schedule, transportation, and meal choices, as well as how many students are in the class. How well will the teachers be able to manage the class because of the pandemic? How do they make sure that the kids understand what they’re learning in class? ” Online, how does she address pupils who misbehave or cause disruption in class? 

It may be revealing to see how instructors respond to such inquiries.

What Programs Are Offered by the Abu Dhabi Indian School?

You must inquire about the school’s curriculum and extracurriculars before applying. What other initiatives does the school have in place to help students succeed academically and in other areas of their lives? Extracurricular activity support and self-directed learning are two hallmarks of top-tier international schools in Abu Dhabi’s educational landscape. Students should be able to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, such as dance, art, debate, and elocution groups, and have access to other resources.

What are the school’s core values and long-term goals?

Choosing an Abu Dhabi Indian School for your kid based only on the staff’s beliefs and morals is a bad idea. Inquire whether kids are permitted to engage in exploratory learning, such as getting their hands dirty with various materials. Does the instructor aid them right away, preventing them from figuring things out on their own, or do they encourage them to work together and come up with a solution?

Every institution shares the goal of assisting students in realizing their ultimate potential and so contributing to their overall growth. Ask how this vision is being put into practice.

What Kind of Students Are They Trying to Attract?

The Abu Dhabi Indian School Admission requirements for a kid vary widely across institutions. It’s a widely held belief that the finest international schools admit only academically gifted children. However, this is not the case. Some schools accept students who are curious and try to learn things independently, while some accept students who are good at certain tasks. 

To contemplate sending your kid to a school, you must be informed of the school’s unique requirements, and only if your youngster can satisfy those needs can you move forward with the admission procedure.

What is the student-teacher ratio?

As we all know, an Abu Dhabi Indian School teacher simply cannot pay attention to every kid in a class of sixty. As a result, both the school and parents are now aware of the benefits of lower class sizes and are making that choice accordingly.

This means that the more time a teacher has to spend with each pupil, the better. The optimal number of pupils in a class is between 20 and 25. Choosing a different school is suggested if the class size exceeds that.

What is the Fee Structure of the School?

Even if some of the so-called greatest international schools demand high tuition, they fail to offer students an education that is worth the price. An obvious red flag has been raised here.

You should inquire with the administration about how the fees are being spent and what services the institution offers before taking Abu Dhabi Indian School Admission. School supplies, such as bus transportation, uniforms, literature, and other out-of-school activities, are often an added cost in certain institutions.

What Qualifications do Teachers hold?

Having skilled instructors is critical because they serve as second parents to their students. Teachers who lack the qualities of commitment, enthusiasm, and training are unfit to instruct their pupils.

The pupils will not develop into excellent and responsible citizens if the teachers are not able to impart positive values to them. Inquire about the school’s efforts to provide professional development opportunities for its faculty.

How are they using new technologies in Abu Dhabi Indian School classes?

Despite the global slowdown caused by the epidemic, we’ve seen an uptick in the usage of the new services we depend on every day to make our lives easier. International schools in Abu Dhabi have begun to use computers, interactive whiteboards, e-readers, and projectors to make it easier for pupils to grasp complex ideas.

Find out what cutting-edge technology the school plans to implement within the classroom. The majority of government officials discuss their plans in light of recent technical developments. However, it is important to determine how the children benefit from these qualities and whether or not the pupils are receiving the advantages promised by the school during Abu Dhabi Indian School Admissions. 

The first thing you need to do as a parent is to set up meetings with the schools you think could be the best fit for your kid. Know about the environment, cultural aspects, and technological support they can provide to your youngster. Before your kid goes through the admission process, judge if the Abu Dhabi Indian School suits your kid’s needs. Take a stroll around the campus and observe if the school is providing everything they have promised. 

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