What Are The Various Male Fertility Problems, Causes & Treatment

male fertility problems

Male fertility is any problem in the male reproductive system that hinders the ability to impregnate your female companion. If both partners have engaged in unprotected intercourse for more than a year and there is no pregnancy, either of the partners may have issues. Usually, male fertility goes undetected until males realize they face troubles in conception. Male factor is a key or contributing component in most cases of infertility. 

Most men are unaware that infertility in men is also prevalent, and it may happen due to ejaculation issues, erection issues, low sperm count, abnormal sperm morphology, etc. It could be disheartening to be unable to conceive. However, with proper and prompt treatment, men can restore their fertility and start a family. IASH India & its best sexologist in Jaipur can help you address such concerns.  So now, let’s look at the various male infertility problems. 

Various Male Fertility Issues Causing Infertility

1. Premature Ejaculation

The most prevalent issue among men is PE. So this happens when a man ejaculates within a minute of having penetrative sex. In this case, the sperm delivery may not be inside the vagina. And if the man ejaculates without penetrating, then for sure, it is difficult for conception to occur. 

2. Erectile Dysfunction

Like PE, erectile dysfunction is also a prevalent male infertility issue. So when there is no erection, engaging in penetrative sex is impossible. Hence, there is no delivery of sperm to the vagina, leading to male fertility issues. 

3. Sperm disorders

This may refer to problems in ejaculating sperm due to some issues or with any irregularities of the sperm. So sperm disorders can be brought on by infections, hereditary conditions, hormonal imbalances, and toxic or drug assaults. Damage to the reproductive system may cause sperm production to diminish or quit altogether. Further, there might be a blockage in the tubules carrying sperm out. So a blockage may also result from a congenital disability or a problem such as an infection after surgery.

male infertility treatment

4. Retrograde Ejaculation

The sperm, instead of expelling out of the body, moves towards the bladder, resulting in no ejaculation. Since the sperm cannot leave the penis, it cannot reach the vagina. So this male fertility problem could be due to the muscles responsible for closing the bladder during ejaculation.

Furthermore, the problem might arise due to medications, surgeries, or nerve medical issues. The symptoms include cloudy urine post-ejaculation and “dry” ejaculation.

5. Obstruction

Often, the tubes that transport sperm might get blocked. Multiple infections, surgery (such as vasectomy), developmental difficulties, and bulges can all lead to obstruction. Hence, sperm cannot exit the body during an orgasm if there is an obstruction, resulting in infertility in men.

6. Varicocele 

A varicocele is a swelling of the veins inside the skin sac that contains the testicles (scrotum). A varicocele may emerge if the valves generally found in veins do not function properly. In other instances, it may result from the pressure of a vein by an adjacent structure. So it may lead to decreased sperm fertility, leading to male fertility issues.

What Causes Male Fertility Issues?

Some infections, blockages, abnormalities, and other medical issues may contribute to infertility in men. Apart from this, other environmental and lifestyle choices hinder the ability to father a child. So they are as follows:

  • Prolonged exposure to industrial chemicals.
  • Prolonged sitting.
  • Using a laptop on your lap. 
  • Overheating the testicles due to steam bath, saunas, etc. 
  • Certain medicinal and illegal drugs can contribute to sperm disorders or other issues leading to male infertility. 
  • Excessive alcohol consumption causes a reduction in testosterone levels. 
  • Smoking and male fertility are interrelated. Hence men who smoke often deal with male fertility problems. 
  • Obesity also causes erection issues. 

Diagnosis & Male Fertility Issues Treatment

So, the diagnostic process starts with a thorough medical examination to evaluate your general health and identify any physical conditions that might impair your fertility. Additionally, your sexologist may check your female companion and you for sexual preferences. Further, if your physical assessment and medical history do not disclose a cause for your infertility, the doctor may prescribe diagnostic testing.

It may be difficult to rule out the issues contributing to male infertility. Yet, the doctor can prescribe the proper medication and treatment plan to help you get pregnant. 

Some male infertility treatment options include:

  • Surgeries to remove any blockages
  • Treating any prevailing infections
  • Hormonal and medicinal treatments
  • Treating low sperm count
  • IVF or other such treatment options
  • Lifestyle habits modification


Male fertility issues these days are prevailing. However, you can start a family with proper and prompt treatment. If your partner has been trying for years with no positive outcomes, then consult the specialists at IASH Jaipur.

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