How to Learn the Basics of the PTE Speaking Module

PTE Speaking Module

One of the most popular exams for students hoping to study abroad is the PTE Speaking Module. The PTE exam consists of four modules; however, in this essay, we’ll only be focusing on the speaking portion. It’s critical for you to perform well on the PTE exam if you intend to relocate overseas. Many students believe that it is quite difficult to pass this exam with a good score, but if you follow some useful advice, you will undoubtedly pass the PTE Speaking module. To succeed in the speaking module, all you need to do is adhere to a few simple guidelines. It is not actually as intimidating as many students believe. In essence, students lack speaking practice.

Since most students are not native English speakers, they struggle to accurately construct their sentences when speaking. They frequently make mistakes when speaking English. Therefore, it is crucial to comprehend certain fundamental advice and techniques that will unquestionably improve your PTE exam performance. If you’re someone who fears taking the PTE speaking module, keep reading this article because we’ll provide you with some incredibly useful tips for improving your score. Additionally, join the best PTE coaching in Jalandhar if you want to prepare under the direction of qualified teachers.

Read the material below to get better knowledge.

how to succeed in the PTE Speaking module:

What does the PTE Speaking module include?

You have to finish a total of 5 tasks in the PTE speaking module. Each of the five tasks should go nicely for you. These duties consist of: 

  • Read out loud
  • Sentence once more
  • Image Description
  • Repeat the lecture
  • The short answer to the question 

Personal greeting

PTE Speaking Module

In this section, you must introduce yourself. You can briefly describe your interests, hobbies, educational history, and other things. This is just something to introduce yourself to. It won’t receive a score. Please keep in mind that you will have 25 seconds to prepare the information for your introduction. Additionally, as soon as the microphone starts capturing your voice, you must begin speaking. Your voice won’t be recorded if you start speaking before the microphone beeps.

Therefore, wait until you hear the buzzer sound before speaking. The machine won’t be able to easily understand your voice if you speak quickly. Consequently, speak clearly and pause when necessary. Now that personal introductions are required, many students will be curious how long these take. It may linger for as long as 30 seconds. The progress bar must not terminate before you finish your introduction. Once you have finished recording, a message reading “completed” will appear on the screen. 

Read out loud

You must read the provided text out loud in this challenge. You’ll see this text on your screen. Talk slowly and clearly. Don’t rush. Fluency and proper pronunciation are required when speaking. Your credit may suffer from a lack of it. Before taking the PTE Speaking module exam, work on improving your pronunciation if you have problems saying words clearly. 

Sentence repeated

The next task requires you to repeat a statement after hearing it. Please pay close attention as the video will begin playing automatically. You must then record your voice while saying the same line after the clip ends. Your ability to listen well and pronounce the sentence clearly and fluently will determine how many points you receive. Some pupils aren’t listening to the audio clip right now. They are unable to repeat the sentence exactly as it appears in the audio as a result. Consequently, give your undivided attention to the sounds. 

Image Description

You will see an image on your screen. You must accurately describe this picture. Let’s say you have 25 seconds to look at the picture and generate some ideas in your head. A beep will signal the end of the timer. Then, you must get started on your assignment right once. Try to talk clearly and fluently. Keep your composure and avoid stumbling when speaking. It will reduce your chances of attaining a good score. 

The short answer to the question

In the final task, you will need to answer a general question. It will be related to your usual lifestyle. You have to answer in just a few words only. Some students elaborate on their answers, but they end up going off the mark. Seeing this is not at all advisable. You need to keep your answer clear and concise. Stretching it without any relevant points will affect your scoring. If you aspire to get a good score in the PTE exam but require the guidance of expert mentors, then you can join PTE online coaching and better your preparations. 

Repeat the lecture.

PTE Speaking Module

You must retell the lecture in your own words, as instructed on the label. After the audio tape is finished, you must repeat an academic lecture.

It is preferable to jot down the relevant words or phrases on the notepad. These essential keywords will aid with your memory of the talk. This is not a too difficult task. You just need to listen carefully and retain the information in your mind. Then you have to re-tell it using correct pronunciation and fluency as usual. 

To sum it up,

One of the most popular language proficiency exams for students who intend to study abroad is the PTE Speaking module exam. If you have done enough practice for it, then you can surely manage to attain a good score in the PTE exam. We hope the above article will make things clearer to you and enable you to wander in your PTE Speaking module. 

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