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If you’re looking for the latest sports news in Thailand, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find several sources of this news, including 8X sports, Sudsapda, Fun888TV, and Thansettakij. You can also tune in to sports events live on 8X sports.

8X sports news

8X sports news in Thailand is a site dedicated to breaking news in the world of sports. It offers original articles by young sports enthusiasts, breaking analysis, and live streams from major sporting events. Its website is user-friendly and has minimal advertisements. It features breaking news, original video content, subscription options, and discussion boards.

8Xbet sports news in Thailand is available in Thai and English and boasts a large community of sports enthusiasts. Its website is easy to use and its content is well-produced. There are many forums where sports fans can discuss current events and make predictions. The website is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from any web browser.


If you want to follow the latest sports news in Thailand, Thansettakij is your best bet. This newspaper has a dedicated sports section and a colorful interface that appeals to the average sports fan. It’s a reliable source of news for all types of sports in Thailand and has been around for 40 years. It also has a television channel and an active online community.

Thansettakij is a well-known daily newspaper in Thailand, published in Bangkok and online. The website offers Thai and English content, along with video coverage of local sports events and political news. It has a chat room and a large video archive. It also features expert analysis of sports events. It also covers business and entertainment news. The site is mobile-friendly and has an active Reddit community.


If you live in Thailand and are looking for the latest sports news, then Fun888TV is the perfect site for you. Its homepage is simple and attractive, and its news is updated regularly. You can view live links of upcoming matches and video highlights. The website is also available on various platforms and devices. It features comprehensive sports news, analysis of Thai football games, and live links to different sports venues. The site is run by a sports-savvy editorial team that makes sure the information it delivers is accurate and up-to-date.

For those who prefer live sports, 8Xbet has a number of channels that offer live sports news. It also offers links to match recordings, video highlights, and player interviews. The interface is easy to use and the video quality is excellent. Its transmission is stable, and the team of sports journalists and analysts is experienced in covering a variety of sports. Fun888TV also supports a variety of devices, including iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Windows devices.


Sudsapda is one of the leading sports news websites in Thailand. The site offers articles, videos, live links to major sporting events, and expert analysis. It also features an active Facebook page and a news blog. It also has a comprehensive archive of videos and articles. Sudsapda’s articles cover a range of topics, including local sports, entertainment, and politics.

Sudsapda offers articles in both Thai and English. It also includes videos from local sports events. The website is easy to navigate and has high-quality images. The site also offers a weekly newsletter.


There are many outlets offering the latest sports news in Thailand, including websites, publications, and social media. One popular website is Khaosod in English, which features stories about a wide range of sports. The site is free to download and easy to use. It has a large community of readers and offers regular lucky draws. The site recently featured a satirical post on the “red shirt” movement, which the publisher removed after receiving criticism.

Another popular website is Sudsapda, which offers both Thai and English news. Its editors are passionate about sports and provide unbiased commentary. The site also offers live game links, game highlights, and newsletters. The website is easy to navigate and contains many high-quality images.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, staying updated on the latest sports news in Thailand is essential for sports enthusiasts and followers. From football and boxing to badminton and volleyball, Thailand has a vibrant sports culture with many talented athletes and teams. With regular updates on the latest matches, tournaments, and results, sports fans can stay informed and engaged with their favorite teams and players. In addition, following the latest sports news can also provide valuable insights into the overall development of sports in Thailand, as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by the athletes and sports organizations. Overall, the latest sports news in Thailand provides a fascinating window into the world of sports and is a must-read for all sports lovers.

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