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Delete A Page

How to delete a page in word on mac: Find the page break and delete it to learn the simple procedures for deleting a page from a Word document.

Have trouble figuring out how to erase a page in Word on a Mac? When developing a document that has a polished appearance, proper formatting is crucial. Nevertheless, there are other advantages to using proper formatting. To effectively organize material and avoid any superfluous paragraphs or weird alignments, dedicated page breaks assist establish new pages within your project. Also, it’s easy to erase a page if you decide you no longer need it by following a few simple steps.

Why would Word erase a page?

There are a variety of reasons you might want to remove a page from Word. Your last page of content may have a blank page after it because Word created a new page for you as you were starting to type on the previous page’s final line. Before presenting or sharing your work with the public, you should probably remove any blank pages because they give off an unorganized impression. Also, there can be details on a page from your report that you don’t need to disclose to one of the receivers. Just erase that one page, please.

How to delete a page in Word on a Mac in steps.

When editing a Word document on a Macbook, you might occasionally need to delete one or two unnecessary pages. This can occur when several people work together to edit the same document, which frequently happens in professional or educational settings. You must remove the page break to remove an entire page. Enter the formatting view first, then perform the actions listed below:

  1. Tap Command + 8. This will display every page break in your document between each page. In this view, you’ll also notice paragraph breaks.
  2. Choose the page that you want to remove. A page’s end is indicated by a dark line. Drag your pointer over this page break to choose it.
  3. Choose delete. The page will be effectively deleted as a result. If there are any remaining blank spaces, you might need to repeatedly click the Delete key.
  4. Repeating this procedure will remove any extraneous paragraph breaks. Symbols in the paragraphs denote these breaks. Press Command + 8 again to leave the formatting view. You may easily share your completed project with others by converting your Word document to a PDF.

On a Mac, how do I delete a blank page in Word?

With the techniques below, you can quickly remove a blank page in Word on a Mac:

Open the Navigation pane and look for a blank page. Choose the View tab and make sure the Navigation pane box is checked to get there. Select Pages to show every page in your document once the sidebar has opened.
Choose the blank page you want to delete from the Navigation pane.
On your keyboard, hit Delete. Now the white page ought to be gone.
Are you still lost or need additional information? See this tutorial on how to remove a blank page from Word.

Not operating? Why can’t Word let me delete a page?

Users of Word frequently experience trouble omitting pages. At the end of the document, Word retains a non-deletable end-paragraph that occasionally appears on a new, blank page. Make sure the non-deletable paragraph fits on the previous page to avoid having a blank page. Make the concluding paragraph very brief to prevent the start of a new page.

To see paragraph breaks, press Command + 8.
Simply click the paragraph mark.
Enter 01 after selecting the Font size box. The blank page should be gone and the paragraph should now fit on the previous page.
To again hide the paragraph markings, press Command + 8.

You can reduce the bottom margin if the paragraph still doesn’t fit on the previous page. Set the bottom margin to a smaller setting, such as 0.3 inches, by selecting the Layout tab > Margins > Custom Margins.

Additional Word resources.

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The most widely used word processing program for Mac and Windows platforms is Microsoft Word. You may compose material professionally using its cutting-edge capabilities, which can speed up your workflow.

Yet, blank pages in a Word document can give editors or potential employers a bad first impression. Yet, Microsoft Word occasionally adds blank pages to documents. Hence, wherever feasible, make sure to remove these blank pages from Word before distributing the document to anyone else.

No of your level of Office proficiency, we’ll go over numerous simple ways in this post how to delete a page in Word with step-by-step instructions. Word for Microsoft 365, Word for Windows, Word for Mac, and Word 2021 are all covered by this article.

Here’s how to get rid of blank pages at the end of your report that won’t seem to disappear or a page in a Microsoft Word document that has text, illustrations, or other information.

Step 1:

Depress the Delete or Backspace key.
Holding the backspace or delete key while erasing each character on the page in Word makes deleting the entire page simple. For manuscripts with a lot of content, this can be cumbersome, but it does the job. This approach might also be effective for blank pages if you have spaces or other filler characters that you can hide but still erase. To remove a page from a Word document, just move your blinking cursor to the conclusion of the document and then hit and hold the backspace or delete keys.

Step 2:

Pick out the content of the page and delete it.
Using the Go To feature in Word is a quick way to delete a page. This is a workable solution that you can memorize for use in the future in all situations and is accessible across all platforms. Here are the steps for using Word’s Go-To feature to remove a page.

Use the Ctrl + G keyboard shortcut on Windows or + option + G on Mac to open the Find and Replace window.
The go To tab should be selected. Type “/page” without the quotes in the Input page number input box.

Click Close after pressing the Enter key on your keyboard. This will choose every piece of material on your page. To delete everything, press the delete or backspace keys once.


Place a check next to the Navigation Pane option by selecting the View tab from the ribbon that is visible at the top of your window. Use the Ctrl + H keyboard combination on Windows to rapidly toggle the pane.

To rapidly advance to the first page, switch to the Pages tab in the left panel and click the thumbnail preview of a blank page. Find the page you want to delete if it contains content.
Holding the Shift key on your keyboard, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click once. By doing this, the entire page will be selected.
To delete the page and all of its contents, press the delete or backspace keys once. You should be able to delete the page from your document using this.

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