How To Create An Ebook With Microsoft Word

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Make a plan for your ebook

After you decide what your Ebook will be, you need to make a plan for how to publish it. There are several ways to do this, but the most popular way is using a website or app that offers free publishing services.

Most people know about sites like Amazon where you can create an online store and upload your books. But there are other options as well!

Other good publishers/editors offer their service through companies that sell digital media such as Adobe Creative Cloud or Apple’s iCloud. These apps have something called InDesign, which is a powerful tool for creating beautiful covers and layouts for your book.

This article will talk more in depth about these two tools and some of the settings you can adjust to make your cover look better!

Write your blog post based on these topics.


In this article, we will be talking about how to create an ebook using Microsoft Office with the help of an ebook writer. You can choose any of the three most popular versions of Microsoft Office – Excel, PowerPoint, and Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise Edition.

This article is going to assume that you are already familiar with creating documents in MS Office. If not, there are many free resources online for beginner-level users.

There are several ways to publish your ebook. This article will focus exclusively on one way which uses only software that anyone has access to. No need to worry about having access to Adobe Creative Suite!

Produce your ebook

When you are ready to create your own eBook, there are two main ways to do it. You can either use one of the free software programs that have been discussed in this article or you can purchase an easy-to-use editing tool such as Microsoft Office Online or Google Suite Tools.

The best way to pick which option is better for you depends on how much time you have to devote to writing and editing your book. If you have little time, then choosing one of the free software options is the ideal solution.

There are many free resources available online where you can publish your ebook for free. Some of these include WordPress, Squarespace, and NetteBook. They all offer you simple-to-use interfaces that don’t require too much-advanced customization.

However, if you want more control over your content and design, then investing in one of the other publishing tools is worth looking into.

Create a website

Many self-published authors start their journey by creating a website using a free web hosting service like Squarespace, Shopify, or Netteyzer. These services make it easy to create your own site with beautiful templates that anyone can access.

You can also use one of these as a way to launch your ebook into wider exposure. By including links to the books you write and to the digital products you sell, people will be able to read about your work and purchase whatever you have written!

These are great ways to get started if you are just looking to expand your audience. There are many other ways to do this, though – I’ll talk more about those in our article next week!

This article will go over how to create an ebook from scratch in Microsoft Word.

Marketing your ebook

The next step in marketing your eBook is deciding how you will market it. You can choose between traditional, social media, online courses, and more!

Traditional ways of marketing include putting up flyers or posters, writing articles for magazines or newspapers, and creating advertisements. All of these methods are definitely worth investing time into if you want to get some exposure for your work.

However, not everyone has access to these resources so they may be outmatched. Luckily, there are other ways to promote your book. For example, you can create a website and add links to your book from there. This way people can easily visit your site and read your books without having to go all over the internet looking for them!

Another option that is growing rapidly is using social media to spread your message. People have different-sized groups and accounts they use for things like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By advertising your book on these sites, you give your audience a chance to learn about you and what you have written.

Get quality reviews

As with any type of writing, reading good material is a great way to learn how to write well. You can find many websites and blogs that offer free content you can read and review.

There are several ways to create your ebook without having to pay royalty fees or use copyrighted tools and software. Some of the most common ways include:

Writing in online forums and reading what people have written there Creating your own website or using a pre-made one Producing YouTube videos

Any of these methods will give you the opportunity to share your knowledge with others while receiving feedback from their comments and reactions.

By providing value through educational content, it becomes easy to grow your audience as they connect with you and look forward to your next article. Plus, you get exposure!

Offer a discount

Many people create their first ebook using free software, but then later invest in more advanced programs to make it better.

Some of these apps have you pay for them, which is totally okay! If you feel that your app is too expensive, there are many websites with online coupons or discounts for those apps.

You can usually find sites that feature discounts by searching “app giveaways” or “online game deals.”

By offering a small discount at least once per month, you will win back some of those hard-earned credits from the app.

These rewards can include either a one-time use license or a monthly subscription if they offer one. It really doesn’t matter, just pick one that works best for you!

There is no obligation to buy anything beyond just creating an account!

Encourage readers to subscribe to your blog

Many good writers share their knowledge via writing blogs or Vlogs (video blogs). Yours can be about how to make ebooks with Microsoft word, how to take pictures for your ebook, or even just fun things you love and want to share with the world!

Many great sites will let you offer them new content in return for their website displaying your work and/or theirs. An easy way to create this link is by incorporating what they already have into your site or blog!

Starting a relationship with them may not know who you are yet, so starting a relationship with them is a nice way to get some exposure while building your brand. It’s also a way to gain more followers, which helps promote your career as an author!

Be consistent

Consistency is your best friend as you create ebooks using Microsoft Word. What I mean by that is, try to use the same style and template of the ebook every time you edit or write a new section.

This way, your brain will associate the settings with how this book was written before, so you can more quickly develop your writing skills and speed up in terms of editing and producing your books.

And don’t worry about not being perfect! No one is after all! Having a few errors here and there doesn’t hurt anyone but yourself.

If you ever want to take it further, you can always go back and fix those mistakes later. Or maybe someone else could even pick up where you left off!

That’s what real writers do – they write something good and then get out of their way and let the quality of the work speak for itself.

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