10 Best Dubai Foods Everyone Should Try on Their Dubai Vacations

Best Dubai Foods - Real Dishes

Besides the stunningly modern and futuristic architecture, Dubai has a diverse culinary scene. As a tourist, you can taste various traditional and modern food dishes. From traditional Emirati cuisines to international cuisine prepared by Micheline chefs, Dubai has various food options that satisfy your palate.

Hence if you are planning a trip to Dubai soon, then here we will check out a few of the must-try Dubai foods. After trying these foods, you will be craving more. Maybe that’s the delicious Sharma or the mouthwatering sweets. So let’s look at the top Dubai foods For a great food experience.

Top Ten Dubai Foods To Taste During Your Dubai Trip

Undoubtedly, Dubai is known for its luxurious shopping malls, high buildings, and stunning beaches. However, the culinary scene in Dubai is also equally remarkable Arabic, Indian, Persian, and other cultures influence the cuisine of Dubai. Hence making the Dubai food selection diverse. Explore the ten best dishes you must enjoy during your Dubai vacation.

1. Shawarma

Are you craving some delicious street food in Dubai? Then Shawarma is on the top of the Dubai foods. Shawarma is a very popular food dish in Dubai and a popular Middle Eastern cuisine.

So this dish includes roasted meat that is generally chicken or lamb, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and other various sources to bring a taste. You can easily find Sharma on every street corner. Also, if you are a non-vegetarian lover, try this on your Dubai trip. You can easily find Sharma on every street corner.

2. Al Harees

The next food item on the list is Al Harees. So this traditional Arabic cuisine is prepared with wheat, meat, chicken or lamb, and other spices and seasonings.

The preparation involves slowly cooking it for hours, which lets the flower flavours combine. Moreover, the result is a wholesome, delicious, and filling dish. Because of the long cooking time, the flavours have much time to blend and come together to bring a flavourful dish.

The meat becomes tender and juicy the way it turns out to be delicate and airy, and the seasonings bring the best flavours to this dish.

3. Samboosa

If you crave Indian dishes in Dubai, Samboosa will be a lifesaver. So Samboosa is a common Dubai food with meat, vegetables, fish, or cheese stuffing. It resembles the Indian Samosa, and its delicious fillings make it among the must-try Dubai foods. You can find various Indian restaurants in Dubai where you can taste Samboosa.

Dubai dining A delicious Middle Eastern delicacy called sambaosa. It has a golden, crispy crust filled with a delectable mixture of spicy beef or vegetable mince. It is frequently served as an appetizer or party treat because of its flavour. Samboosa from Dubai is a regional delicacy you must try.

4. Luqaimat

This traditional Emirati delicacy is deep-fried pastry pieces coated with syrup. Usually, this dish is available throughout Ramadan and other festivals. Moreover, this dish must be tried because the outer layer is solid and the inner layer is soft, making it an ideal snack or dessert option.

5. Machboos

Machboos, also known as the national dish of Bahrain, is a traditional dish popular in the UAE. So this food consists of Basmati rice simmered in lamb or chicken broth and then garnished with vegetables, lamb, or chicken. The final dish is a flavourful, wholesome, aromatic, and satisfying food that will leave you craving more. This dish is very delicious and must be tried for anyone visiting Dubai.

This beloved Emirati dish comprises aromatic basmati rice and soft lamb, chicken, or fish cooked slowly. Seasoning with caramelised onions is added to tender meat, frequently chicken or lamb. The dish is finished with fresh herbs, raisins, and almonds for a delectable presentation.

6. Kebabs

Kebabs are among the Dubai foods kebabs. So the dish consists of marinated skewered meat, usually chicken or lamb. Kebabs are also readily available in India, yet you must not miss this food in Dubai. You can find several Indian restaurants in Dubai that serve delicious and authentic kebabs, and the range of kebabs is also diverse. Hence give it a try.

7. Hummus

Hummus is a creamy and smooth purity of gold, chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, garlic, sesame paste, lime juice, and garlic. Moreover, Hummus has been stable in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and North African regions. So this is a high-protein dip and is inexpensive to make. Yet the flavours it brings make it a must-try. Usually, Hummus goes well with pita bread, but you can ask for Hummus with your preferred food.

8. Thareed

Among the popular Middle Eastern and must-try dishes, Dubai foods are Tareed. So this dish consists of vegetables, a thick sauce from tomatoes with slow-cooked chicken or lamb, and a choice of vegetables. The dish goes well with flatbread or pita bread. After having Thareed, you will be craving more for sure.

9. Falafel 

Among the popular Dubai foods in Falafel. Moreover, this is popular among vegetarians, just like Sharma is among non-vegetarians. So Falafel is usually a deep-fried patty comprising chickpeas and other seasoning. You can try Falafel as it is or get the best experience wrapped in a roll with some fresh veggies and other seasonings and sauces. If you are a vegetarian, you must try this Dubai food.

10. Knafeh

After all the starters, main course, and other street food, it’s time to taste dessert. Also, the Queen of Deserts, Knafeh, would be a great start. So Knafeh is a delicious and rich dessert comprising sweet cheese, shredded Phyllo dough, topped with syrup, and other dry fruits. Moreover, you have never tasted this rich and flavourful desert. Hence, give it a try.


So this is not the end of the list of Dubai foods. The list goes endless. Whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you can find diverse food options in Dubai. Hence, try these delicious food items during your Dubai holiday and make your holiday even more flavourful.

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