5 Ways to Make a Good Dissertation Proposal


Just like research in general, writing a dissertation must also begin with proposing. Those who have not taken doctoral studies may not know how to make a dissertation proposal. However, don’t worry because this article will explain how to propose a dissertation. That way, anyone already planning to study for a doctoral degree can prepare themselves.

Before discussing the making of a proposal, it is important to know that the dissertation proposal must be made as attractive as possible and certainly has a different purpose from previous research. This is because the dissertation must be able to break down problems from existing research topics. Through the proposal, the researcher must be able to show that his dissertation is new research. For clarity, see how to propose a dissertation below:

Make a Good Dissertation Proposal

1. Determine the Topic to be Discussed

The first step in how to make a dissertation proposal is to determine the topic to be discussed. This topic can be related to an issue related to the wider community’s life or an issue currently being discussed. This initial step might confuse researchers because They can discuss many research topics.

To get the right topic, make sure to determine the topic that you master. You can read the news to find out the latest issues to get topic references. In addition, researchers can also read several studies on different topics to find inspiration.

2. Prepare the Title

After getting the right topic to be discussed in the research, the next step is to prepare a dissertation title. What can obtain the title from analyzing the problems on the research topic? Researchers can identify problems and what worries many people about the topic. In other words, the title is a more specific part of the research topic. The title chosen must also, of course, be different from other research titles with similar topics.

3. Formulate the Problem

This research aims to address existing problems and provide real solutions. Therefore, researchers must be able to formulate the problem and explain it appropriately. The problem formulation must also be able to explain why and who must implement this plan immediately. In addition, researchers should also describe the urgency of the research to be carried out.

4. Create the Background

After successfully finding the topic and title and formulating the problem, the researcher must prepare a background for the proposal. This background will later become chapter I in the dissertation approved by the examiner. Then, what needs to be described in the background? Researchers can describe the problems discussed in the study and then relate them to previous theories and research. The purpose of explaining the relevance of the research to be carried out with existing research is to show that the researcher has a strong foundation.

5. Explaining Research Theory and Methodology

In conducting research, a dissertation is no exception, requiring a theory as a basis for analyzing the data that will be obtained. The theory also has an important role because it will affect the researcher’s point of view in looking at the problem. Meanwhile, the methodology is also needed to guide researchers on how their research should be done properly. Every step in the dissertation must be carried out according to a predetermined methodology.

This is an explanation of how to write a dissertation proposal. Five ways need to be done to produce a proposal correctly. After proposing, the researcher still has to attend the trial to get the examiner’s approval on whether the proposal is feasible to continue or not.

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