Will Single Compressor Be The Best Choice For My Air Ride?

Before you purchase an air single compressor for your car, you need to figure out the necessary functions that it provides and which one would be best for you. Mostly, it is found that drivers emerge confused between single and dual compressors. This article will help you decide why a single compressor is better than a duel and what the differences between the two are. 

An air compressor is a tool whose job is to suck the air continuously and squeeze it mechanically through the inner parts. It helps the car’s tires receive maximum air pressure. This tool has become a necessity everywhere from the garage to your home, as well as offices, big factories, and local shops. Four-wheelers as well as two-wheeler accessories are life saviors and have several benefits. 

Car air compressors help in taking good care of the tires by maintaining regular tire pressure. It helps you with attempting a regular check of the tire pressure and filling the tire when necessary. Without vehicle air compressors you would lose track of maintaining a record of your car’s tire pressure. Ignoring a compressor would lead to low tire pressure and an unfortunate interruption in your driving.

How Is Single Compressor Different From A Duel?

The central difference between the two is that in a single compressor, the air is compressed between the inlet valve and the tool nozzle only once, but in a dual compressor, the air is compressed twice in order to increase the pressure. Single compressors are also known as piston compressors and are ideal for small spaces.

Why Should You Choose Vehicle Single Compressors? 

Here are three top reasons behind your choice of a single compressor for your car.

Rapid And Easy Installation:

They are preferred by many for their rapid and easy installation. They don’t include complex wiring and pumping like dual compressors. This eventually saves you money and offers a perfect choice for those looking forward to an air ride or opting to pick up air suspension for the first time.

Compact And Small:

Another advantage of a single-stage compressor is that it is compact and can be fitted inside a spare tire well so that your access to the trunk remains uninterrupted. This becomes easy for drivers who have to take their cars to their workplaces and need to use their trunk spaces for several purposes. Unlike dual compressors, they take up less space in your trunk and are easy to avoid in direct view.

Scope for Upgradation:

Opting for a single compressor for your vehicle is also a good idea as it provides scope for upgradation to dual compressors in the future. Therefore, right now you will be able to save some money of your own as well as keep the scope for the installation of an additional compressor. Don’t forget to upgrade your power kit while installing the dual compressor in the future.

However, they also offer a few disadvantages that you should take into consideration:

  • You might face problems in setting a show trunk
  • Fill time is generally longer resulting in an extension of the overall duration of the disturbing noise of the compressor.

What Are The Things That You Should Consider Before Purchasing An Air Compressor?

Check The CFM:

The CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) requirement of each and every tool varies from one another. You need to judge the compatibility of your tools with the air compressor and pick the right one. Your air compressor should be able to take the load of all your air tools. Choose accordingly. 

Check Whether It Is Portable Or Not:

The second thing that you need to consider while choosing your vehicle air compressor is its portability. The small size would be easy to carry, while the large ones would be bulky and impossible to carry around. 

Check The PSI Of The Compressor:

Have a look at the PSI level of your air compressor. PSI determines the air strength produced by air compressors. Suppose an air tool requires 120 PSI, then the compressor should have the capacity to produce the same amount in order to ensure efficient work.

Check The Duty Cycle Of The Compressor:

The duty cycle is the ratio between the period of operation and its cooling. Check the duty cycle of your compressor. Maintain your compressor well to ensure its longevity. Rapid air runout from compressors is a sign of overuse.

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