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White discharge is a fluid produced by glands in the vagina. It carries dead cells and bacteria. It helps avoid infection by keeping the vagina clean.

Vaginal discharge is typically totally normal. However, during the menstrual cycle, the quantity, smell, and color of white discharge can change.

Normal vaginal discharge

Let’s talk about what normal vaginal discharge is:

● It is thin, transparent, and either pales yellow or white in appearance.

● Increase often two weeks before menstruation

● It May change with the intake of some birth control pills.

● It has no unpleasant odor and doesn’t make you itchy or irritated

Visit your lady doctor if you face problems with white discharge:

Contact a lady doctor if you feel any of the symptoms discussed below:

● The color of your white discharge has changed.

● Increased quantity of discharge.

● When the discharge first becomes strongly scented.

● When the pain in your pelvis starts.

● You notice pain, itching, and discomfort in or close to your vagina.

If the initial course of treatment doesn’t work, ask your doctor for extra tests. Labs have access to a wide range of tests to identify infections. Ignoring the symptoms could put your health at risk.

Types Of White Discharge:

If you have noticed a white discharge and are unsure whether it is normal, it is essential to understand the types of white discharge.

The following are the three primary types:

Thick white discharge

Thick white discharge is the most common type of vaginal discharge and usually marks the beginning or end of the menstrual cycle. Such a discharge is entirely typical.

Pregnant women regularly undergo excessive discharge throughout the first and third trimesters.

Milk white discharge

Milk white discharge comes about during ovulation or at the start of pregnancy. It doesn’t smell at all or smells very lightly.

Thick, Clumpy White Discharge

 It is a sign of vaginal infection with a strong smell and thick discharge. Consult your doctor to ensure it’s not something harmful.

Causes of white discharge

White discharge is a healthy body function brought on by normal fluctuations in estrogen levels.

First, let’s talk about what causes the white discharge.

●       Bacterial vaginosis: It results from an infection that arises when the good bacteria in your vagina start to drop.

●       Yeast infection: Candida albicans, a specific type of yeast, overgrows in your vagina, causing an infection. As a result, your vaginal lining may seem yellow, and you may also feel burning and tingling there.

●       Menstrual cycle: You can feel a white discharge a few days before your period. On certain days, the discharge might initially be thinner. During your ovulation period, the discharge may clot and resemble mucus. However, even in the initial few days of your period, you get a milky white discharge.

●       Pregnancy: Your body may respond to the pregnancy by producing increased vaginal discharge. White discharge is typical during pregnancy because of hormonal changes. However, if your discharge smells strong, yellow, green, or brown, you should seek professional advice.

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Contact your lady doctor if you experience pain or itching. Avoid using fragrances or sprays to cover the poor vaginal odor. Instead, discuss the color, smell, consistency, itching, and timing of the discharge, including whether it followed sex or menstruation.

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