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Maharashtrian Jewellery is always been famous for its rich culture and heritage. The traditional jewelry worn by Marathi women represents the royalty and richness of the culture. These uniquely designed pieces of jewelry are the hard work of craftsmen and artisans who take care of every small detail to keep the traditional culture alive. 

The Maharashtrian jewellery designs are passed on by the Maratha and Peshwa warriors and the Marathi women still wear the same traditional jewellery on every special occasion to keep the culture alive. They look so beautiful when matching up everything with their Paithani saree and Chandrakor bindi.

Let us know more in detail about the different types of Maharashtrian jewellery designs that enhance the beauty of every Marathi mulgi.


The most beautiful and uniquely designed traditional Nath is a nose ring which is quite big in size as compared to the normal one, made with gold in a half-curved shape, and adorned with beautiful white and pink pearls. Every Maharashtrian woman needs to wear this nath on every special occasion.


It is a typical Maharashtrian style choker-style necklace set made of golden beads. The complete necklace is made by joining gold beads where the size of the beads can vary as per the requirement and design. A small thread is attached to the back of the necklace which helps in adjusting it according to comfort. The beads are known as jowar seeds and it is mostly given to the newly-wed when she enters her new home for the first time. This is a common design of Thushi made with gold beads but now some fancy designs are also available in the market as Vajratik Thushi.

Kolhapuri Saaj

As the name suggests, it originated in Kolhapur and it is one of the precious gifts from the groom’s family to the bride on her special day. It is generally made of 22-carat gold with a unique design which is the 21 leaves in every saaj. The number 21 has its significance as 10 leaves in the saaj are the representation of ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, the other 8 pendants are the representation of ashtmangal, 2 of them must have emerald and ruby stones intricated in them and everything is attached with a pendant, which is called “the saaj ghat”. It is believed that this necklace is worn by the ladies to keep themselves away from the evil eye.

Laxmi Haar

It is also a very uniquely designed gold necklace set, popular since the 17th century, also known as “Putli Haar” which is made of gold coins on which you will find the embellishment of Goddess Laxmi. The motif of Goddess Laxmi is the representation of wealth and all these coins are strung with a silk thread.


You must have seen every Maharashtrian bride wear a set of green bangles in her hand which is called “Chooda”. The green color is the symbol of fertility and prosperity for them and this is the reason they love to wear this color.

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